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Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 16:17
Favourite meal at the moment is steamed fish and pak choi parcels which I serve with some brown rice. I think it's particularly satisfying because you get a significant amount of delicious broth from the parcels which helps to fill you up. Very quick and easy to prepare too. ... oi-parcels
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
24 Feb 2015, 08:42
Azureblue wrote: Tonight's dinner to end my 24 hour fast will be:-
Can of Amy's Kitchen split pea soup, 163 kcal, plus extra veggies of cauliflower, broccoli, flower sprouts steam cooked and mixed in, 200 Kcals all in.

My mouth is watering!
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
24 Feb 2015, 09:39
It's great reading all your choices. I have a problem in as much that I don't like many veggies - mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, sweetcorn, carrots and runner beans at a push are my limit so find it difficult to bulk up my meals just with them. I try hard to find the time to make a spicy soup which gets blitzed in the blender and will have some of that at lunchtime and for the evening it will be an omelette, so not very inspiring. However, if the end result gets me to goal then I can stick with it! Maybe I will take a look at some ready meals.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
11 Oct 2018, 07:12
I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would revive it and share my favourites! I only eat once a day (except a miso soup mid-afternoon). My family have rice or other carbs with these too, while i just stick to the meals (and save myself calories for a square of dark chocolate in the evening in front of the tele!)

Pork laab (Thai dish) - ... aab-salad/ (Myfitnesspal calculates this to be 303 cals)

Double bean chilli - ... per-chilli (327 cals)

We also have black bean fajitas with homemade guacamole and salsa - I just have a pile of veggies, guac, salsa, and hot sauce and steer clear of the tortillas (Myfitnesspal calculates this to be 390 cals)

My other favourite is cashew chicken, which i have with a small spoonful of rice - although we use oyster sauce instead of sweet soy. (Myfitnesspal calculates this to be 231 cals usually chuck in some broccoli or other veg too)
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
11 Oct 2018, 21:14
Interesting chil recipe with the cinnamon and chocolate (mole)! Def a mexican variation instead of southwestern. Would think the refried beans would seriously thicken the result. Not? With chili, we often add boiled, shredded chicken as a taste and texture variant.

Going to stare at the pork recipe... some unusual (?) ingredients there.

A variant on the miso soup would be a simple egg drop. A chicken stock cube in water at a very fast boil, add on raw egg and stir madly with a fork, done. Easy to add asparagus spears and small shrimp and/or crab meat to vary the result. 5 minutes tops.

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