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Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 06:35
What is your fast day go to meal? The one you know will be light enough to fit into your calories but filling enough to satisfy you.

CT :oops:
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 07:04
I only have one meal, at about 6.30pm. When I first started 5:2 my favourite was prawn stir fry, but since my OH joined in we mostly have eggs somehow. (He might torture me by having toast too!) I think that a mostly-protein meal helps me be less hungry afterwards.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 07:12
Sometimes it's a more veggy version of what the family is having. But I do batch cook and freeze so that I don't have to think too much about what in having,
Fish is a good one, eggs as already mentioned, today I'm having ratatouille, veg curry or veg chilli, with stir fried prawns. Depends which one come out of my freezer!!
Replacing white carbs with better versions helps, or maybe bologna isle with courgette spaghetti. The choices are endless, but get easier the longer you do this.
Hope that gives you some ideas. Roll on the better weather when the salads become more appealing.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 07:32
Yes it'll be good to start having salads again won't it!
I know I'm going to sound like the unhealthy one here but I have a freezer full of M&S ready meals. Called "Balanced For You" (recently changed from FullerLonger) they taste good and tend to contain more protein than anything. I definitely feel full for quite a while with them. Well, take yesterday for example. At 6ish in the evening I had my first morsel of food, which was a Beef Stroganoff. I thought I would then have my trusty Cheerios afterwards...but no! I didn't fancy anything else so went without. Went to bed feeling quite pleased with myself! Image
So, yes, that is my main meal. I tend to go for no more than 400 calories so that I can have a bowl of Cheerios to nibble on. I try and make these last for at least an which time I'm off to bed!
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 08:46
A bit of protein and a lot of veggies....stirfry is my go to with either prawns, chicken or salmon, it's all about the flavour and crunch. One meal it had better be good. Homemade bowl of chilli or curry or stroganoff. If its too cold the I hit the Hairy dieters cookbooks and make a cottage pie or something similar, I go easy on the potato topping and add more leek.
I do find the spring summer months easier .....salad all the way,I love salad but it doesn't do it for me mid winter!
And like Beanie I sometimes take the ready meals route, especially if I'm working the late shift, I go for sainsburys MyGoodness range ( I think that's what they are called) yummy and do the job x
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 08:59
@nursebean it's not just you I wouldn't be able to follow this WOE without Innocent Veg Pots !!
New Covent Garden soup and Quest Protein bars as well without these two I would be lost.

Sadly during the week which is when my fast days are I am very time poor but I know either a Quest bar or a veg pot will keep me full and on track :smile:
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 09:07
One of our favourite, go-to meals for a fast day is based on artichoke bottoms. I described what we do for a lunch main meal here: post202903.html?hilit=artichoke#p202903

For a hot dinner, or to eat this at home, we bed the artichoke bottoms in a tomato sauce with a selection of whatever I have to hand of olives, capers, Peppadew, strips of red or yellow pepper, aubergines - we put anchovy strips over the artichoke bottoms for the last 10 minutes. If we have enough calories, as per the lunch option description, I might put Quark with a little Parmesan, or some Mozzarella Pearls in the artichoke bottoms before baking. Depending on the ingredient options, we may well have enough calorie wiggle room to have some baked/grilled mushrooms as a side dish. This meal is usually <200kcals per portion and a decent volume of food on a cold day.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 09:10
Oh goodie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses ready meals. I must admit, I've never tried the Sainsburys ones. So you'd recommend them mum of Min @minsmum? would you? M&S have currently got special offers: buy 3 for £8 or 3 for £10 depending on whether its Count on Us or Balanced For You. So much choice, it does become rather difficult at I limit myself to lower calories ;)
As for soups, yes, thats a good idea. They say that you should blend vegetables in a soup don't they. It keeps you fuller for longer.
We've all got our secret weapons haven't we. If they help, thats all that matters! :wink: Image
Oops missed you there SSure. Wow! thats sounds pretty yummy. Glad I'm not reading that on a fast day :bugeyes:
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 11:17
I always cook from scratch and I usually eat 3 or 4 times on a fast my evening meal has got to be LOW cal and satisfying. That usually brings me back to eggs on most fast days and my current fave is: a squirt of olive oil (from spray bottle) into a frying pan where I stir fry chopped onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgette - 2 or 3 veg whatever is to hand. I add chilli or spices to give it some kick and I serve up a nice big portion of that with one soft poached egg on top. DELISH and super-filling!
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 12:27
Oh wow! Kelly that sounds super delish! Mmmm I can almost smell the onions sizzling away. Good for you for cooking from scratch. Have you ever tried the Hairy Dieter recipes? We did have a thread running a while ago. Not sure what's happened to it, but some good recipes comes out of that from time to time. I found their recipes just need a bit more spice than recommended! :wink:
So, will you be having an egg today? Image
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 13:37
Tonight's dinner to end my 24 hour fast will be:-
Can of Amy's Kitchen split pea soup, 163 kcal, plus extra veggies of cauliflower, broccoli, flower sprouts steam cooked and mixed in, 200 Kcals all in. May have a Co Yo yogurt dessert if still hungry, 200 kcals.
I need to start moving this Winter weight, an unwanted 3 kg has gathered about me.
After this I'll next eat tomorrow about 11a.m.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 13:40
I hope that lot keeps you nice and full until tomorrow AB! :smile:
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 15:06
I'm in the ready meal camp. Tonight I have a Sainsburys BGTY Braised Beef and mash at 311 calories. My favourite of theirs is the Chicken Tikka Biryani at 316 calories. I also love some of the M&S Balanced For You range. It then leaves me enough calories to have a big milky coffee in the evening and a Bovril, if I need to in the afternoon.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 15:29
Gi was just trying to think what BGTY was and then it clicked. Are you being good to yourself when you eat them! Are they tasty? I've only ever tried M&S. It's great to have such complete meals but so few calories isn't it.
Re: Fast Day Main Meal
23 Feb 2015, 15:59
Lately I've been going with stir fry. 1/2 cup of brown rice and 1/2 to 3/4 of a bag of frozen stir fry veg. (with the celery picked out :P). Soy sauce and a few drop of toasted sesame seed oil to taste. I use water instead of oil when heating it all so it's more stir "steam" than stir fry. I calculated it at about 300-350 calories before the sesame seed oil. Quick and easy and few dishes to wash after. I could fit a microwaved egg in calorie-wise but that would be another dish and fork, so no way. If I'm hungry later I eat an apple.

Protein doesn't do much to make me feel full. Carbs do that for me. That 1/2 cup rice is indispensable.
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