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Don't know if it's any good but it's free!
Got it Thanks caro
Thanks@carorees for the tip. I have downloaded the recipe book and will pursue it!
Im just about to start so this is great Thanks
Thanks, Caroline! Though, tbh, I don't know why I buy recipe books anymore. I never try anything.

(In my defense, there is always at least one ingredient that will be a lot of trouble (or flat out impossible) to find in Japan)
Thanks! I flipped through it, but found the calorie counting so sloppy as to make the book worthless.

Also it gives far too many juice recipes which would quickly use up calories while not satisfying hunger.

I have yet to find a 5:2 recipe book that doesn't read like a repurposed low fat diet book. I doubt many successful 5:2 dieters are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks, but that is always what these cookbooks suggest.

The other big problem for me with the 5:2 cookbooks is that they ignore the challenge of finding a day's worth of food at low calorie levels that provides sufficient protein and other needed nutrients. Too much starch, too little veggies in the books I currently have.

I really would love a cookbook that gave me 450 calorie meals that provided 50 g of protein, sufficient vitamins, and made me feel like I'd eaten something. If anyone can recommend a cookbook like that, ideally with recipes that use products available in the US, I'd be very grateful. I'm really bored with my fast day food but have only found a few combos that prevent hunger and provide that protein that prevents burning lean muscle on fast days.
thank you so much for the head point :)
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