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27 Feb 2014, 03:58
I have a massive shrub of oregano and this is one herb I like better dried. I tried hanging it in stems on the clothesline, but it only went limp, not dried or crunchy like I want. Plus the flies sat on them, not nice.
I have to prune it as future frost will kill it and if I had a great tip from a foodie, I could have my own dried oregano I made myself. :smile: Thankyou very much.

Feel free.
Re: Oregano
27 Feb 2014, 04:41
My bought rosemary crisps up beautifully in the fridge! Not exactly how i want it , but I put it into a jar then and use as required. You can also zap fresh herbs in the microwave to dry them. Not sure how long or the exact method, but Dr Google will surely guide you ! :)
Re: Oregano
27 Feb 2014, 04:46
I have dried herbs (lavender) using a microwave and also a dehydrator (which I prefer), but a microwave works well for this ... microwaves.

Hi @janeg **waves**
Re: Oregano
27 Feb 2014, 07:34
Or you can chop up the herbs and simply store in the freezer. you can freeze them in ice cube trays, then you transfer the cubes to a bag and simply throw a cube into your recipe instead of dried or fresh herbs.
Re: Oregano
27 Feb 2014, 19:32
If you want to air dry them, put them in a paper bag to keep the flies off. Best to do when the air is dry in any case.
Re: Oregano
27 Feb 2014, 19:46
I hang my herbs up in my garden shed to dry out - works a treat. The paper bag is a good idea to keep the flies off.
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