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slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 08:22
So I am thinking of investing in a slow cooker (The Factory Shop has a sale on Morphy Richards) but since I've never had/used one am slightly at a loss as to what i could put in it and what good fast day recipes I could do!

What can you fab folks recommend as I need to make sure it's going to be a good investment!

Much love to all who reply and help!
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 09:05
There is quite a long thread on this started last year by@Manderley I use mine for casseroles, pot roasts, and sometimes soups. My Fast day dinners tend to be made with Quorn so not really appropriate. I'd send a link to the thread but don't know how to on iPad
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 10:03
ooh i shall hunt it out and have a look :)

Saying that, i think i can see the link at the bottom of the page! :D
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 10:43
I am here ! I am here ! :high5:

I use mine quite a lot. 3 times this week. To make porridge, a lentils carrots and chicken stew (fast day) and today, a soup (fast day also). I really couldn't do without it as it's so great when you have a busy day. And what about the washing up, almost nothing :grin:

There are a few rules I learn through time
to put the right amount of liquid
when to put on high or low
to always sear the meat before to give more flavor to the meat

Also you can find plenty of recipes almost everywhere which is great to gave ideas :wink:
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 11:16
Here's my favourite. A 2-3 kilo pork shoulder bone in ( more flavour) rind removed put in slow cooker with 1 large jar of apple sauce, 1 tsp seeded mustard and 1 pkt dry French onion soup powder and cook on low for 8-12 hours. Pull apart with 2 forks. Not for fast day but you must try it. Yummy. The first night we have it on crusty rolls with lettuce cucumber chilli coriander the second night we have it with steamed rice and steamed veges and lots of the sauce all over. I've even done it with a whole 5 kg pork shoulder and cooked for 24 hours on low- great for entertaining. The original recipe used skinless chicken thighs- bone in. Bones keep the meat moist, provide flavour, nutrients and what I call gelatinous goodness. Another tip- chuck bones and leftover bits from next roast chicken carcuss some veges and cook on loww for 4-6 hours. A beautiful clear stock to have a cup of at 4 pm on a fast day when you crave a salty drink for about 30 calories. Freezes wellxxx
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 13:43
@Manderley are you able to use frozen meat in a slow cooker, or does it have to be defrosted first? and how do you sear meat? heard the term but not sure what it is/does!

@julianna oh my gosh that sounds delish, gonna do that for my bottomless pit husband, sounds like a meal he'd love! Like the stock idea too, will have to give a go! :)
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 13:53
To sear meat you simply "cook" it in a hot pan with a bit of oil just enough to color each sides.

You can use frozen meat but don't forget it will have no coloring at all so it can be a bit bland. It depends with what you cook it. For example, when I did the lentils stew, I put the chicken meat "as is" as the meat was not the star of the meal.

Also, I forgot about that, when you cook meat, don't put it directly in the ceramic dish, always put something like onions or vegs first

Here's some tips I used when I was a beginner that may help you
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 19:05
@manderley lol, ok searing sounds a lot easier than i thought! XD So as for say..frozen turkey breast, if i layed it on a bed of veg with chicken stock, it would be ok to cook from frozen, it just won't be as fantastic as it would be if defrosted? Thank you for the link, will look at it (and prob save in my 5:2 bookmark)
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 19:42
I'm new to slow cookers too @DragonsHeart but have done beef brisket which was really tender and chicken stew. I've got the Morphy Richards one (it was a present) and the instruction/menu booklet that comes with it is quite good. Am about to try rice pudding for the family. I might try it if it looks good - but that is one thing I hate so will have to see on that. There's also a lemon sponge where the sauce starts on top and ends up on the bottom that I am intending to do very soon.
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 20:09
Amazon hasa 5:2 slow cooker recipe book. I've seen it several times on my recommended for you list, (wonder why?)
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 20:16
To be honest I wouldn't risk cooking meat from frozen in a slow cooker as long slow cooking at a lowish temperature may mean bacteria can survive. Not worth the risk so I would personally always defrost/thaw meat first.
Re: slow cooker help please!
15 Feb 2014, 23:04
I agree with callyanna. Defrost the meat first. I usually put everything in the slow cooker insert the night before and leave in the fridge. In the morning I pop it into the slow cooker base and turn on then go to work.@DragonsHeart I'm glad your going to try it. The meat falls off the bone and the sauce is so delicious. You think it would be sweet with the apple sauce but the salty French onion soup powder does something magical. If you don't want to use a big pork shoulder you can use what we call here pork scotch fillet or pork neck. It will be still nice but not as tasty. You know how I feel about bones :victory: .
Xxx happy cooking. Of course now I will have to make it this week now too :razz:
Re: slow cooker help please!
16 Feb 2014, 08:02
@callyanna that is a very good point, my brain skipped the health and safety briefing before posting that reply it seems! lol, now ya say it I just thought, "oh yeah, how silly!" -_-

@julianna It does sound like a good combo, when i've convinced the hubby (who apparently now thinks it'd be a waste of money!) it'll be the first thing i make to prove him wrong!
Re: slow cooker help please!
16 Feb 2014, 08:35
Now that I think about it, the only time I used a frozen meat I prepared everything the night before and put in the fridge so it wasn't frozen anymore when I turned it on. Silly me..... :curse:

It's great to make some meat falling off the bone (you know what I mean). No need for fancy meat I cooked a pork shoulder, shredded the meat and damn, after that, never bought ham again
Re: slow cooker help please!
16 Feb 2014, 09:33
this thread seems to be turning into written food porn! lol, can't wait to buy a slow cooker now, sounds like i'm gonna never use my oven again!
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