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I have lived in Australia for twenty years but am still not able to appreciate Vegemite...
For me it has to be Marmite. Favourite ways are on toast, toast with scrambled eggs, toast with beans, or thickly spread on firm tofu and made into a sandwich, or added into a salad. For me, these last two ways need leaving a while for the taste to develop, I make at breakfast time and take to work for lunch.

Unlike the latest Marmite advert, there are no half-empty jars languishing in my cupboard :lol:

Tried Vegemite but just wasn't for me.
Eastern European background, born here in Oz and could never even get the courage to put it in my mouth (vegemite that is) .. the smell knocks me out.

Give me Liverworst any day!
I'm also in the vegimite camp and love it on wholemeal toast with cottage cheese.
Welcome to the forum Didee! :)
I use vegemite and marmite smeared around my terracotta plant pots in a circular line about a couple of inches up from the base to deter slugs and snails from chomping on my prize plants and flowers and strawberries! Sacrilege, I know!
This is one of those things where you prefer whatever you've grown up with. I was raised on Marmite and have always loved its deep glossy salty savouriness. I once had a flatmate from New Zealand and we used to have quite heated Marmite vs Vegemite debates - mind you, she grumbled about just about everything about the UK which made me wonder why she didn't just go home (she was probably just homesick but it was quite wearing to be constantly told how crap your own country was). I did try Vegemite but for me, it just didn't compare - I think it was the fact it was opaque and you had to spread it thicker that just didn't work for me. I've always loved the shininess of marmite - like black treacle, you feel it's so deep and rich that it must be good for you somehow! I once even saw a documentary on how they make marmite - it's a by-product using brewer's yeast, so it's kind of recycling...

All the extra uses of vegemite - to beef up the flavour of soups, stews, etc are also good with marmite, although I have to say that the best way to enjoy it for me is on either thick white toast or toasted crumpets, with loads of proper butter. Or thinly spread under cheese on toast. Unbeatable!
I tried vegemite once, about 30 years ago. I think I can still taste it. Image

I will say, having read nilchoco's post, I would def try it in soups or stews. Plain out of the jar reminded me of eating straight bouillon paste.
I think many folks that don't like it the first time they tried it maybe spread it too thickly. You should be able to see the surface you're covering through the layer of Marmite - not sure if it's the same for vegemite. If it's too thick it's definitely far too salty & not good (although I have a high marmite tolerance level). And (obviously) the more butter the better :smile:
greenmonster wrote: the more butter the better :smile:

This quote can be inserted into just about every circumstance. :smile:
bobbyd98683 wrote:
greenmonster wrote: the more butter the better :smile:

This quote can be inserted into just about every circumstance. :smile:

Food related or not. :shock: :razz: :wink:
Yes agree that the ratio of butter to vegemite is important as mentioned above by green monster. I eat marmite and promite too but it is the vegemite which as the old ad went, puts a rose in my cheeks. Interesting to read the vegemite and marmite food combinations folks opt for
Wineoclock wrote: Vegemite on toast is the best thing to eat when you have a hangover.

I was just about the say the same thing - it's supposed to be full of Vitamin B. I love it, but haven't had it in ages because I've pretty much given up bread in my low carb way of eating. I miss it more than the bread, so maybe I should look at other things I can spread it on (not ricecakes either as they are just rice and all carb). I'm wondering if people have any weird and wonderful suggestions because we have a jar probably past its use-by date in the pantry.
Why not try inside a celery stick with some cottage cheese
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