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So what do we think of vegemite
22 Aug 2013, 09:38
I have to stick up for vegemite

It's getting a pasting on the what do we think of butter thread and as an Aussie I protest as I have grown up on vegemite and had many a delicious vegemite and butter on fresh bread moment

So come on Aussies come on let's hear it for vegemite
Is Vegemite the same as we have Marmite? If so i love it on toast. I also was brought up on this and is definately a love it or hate it spread. My kids were also brought up on it and love it too :like:
Not much, he he!!
As an Englishwoman living in Aus, I tried to like vegemite but it seems to be what you are weaned on, and it is marmite all the way for me!! My earliest memories are of bread and butter smeared with a thin veneer of marmite. These days I disgust my husband my slathering it on!
Aussies in London got me eating vegemite before I even got here by doing a blind taste test between it and marmite. Much prefer vegemite. I used to love fray bentos as a kid/teen in South Africa, but it doesn't seem to be made anymore (similar to Bovil, also meat rather than yeast extract).
I don't want to think of Vegemite!!! ;-)
We love vegemite in our house. Have it on multigrain toast with lots of butter, have it with butter on your white bread sandwich, have it with cheese and butter on toast or as a sandwich, have it with butter and/or cheese on saos. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea ... perfect any time.

AND you can use it to add flavour to soups, stews, casseroles ...

At the moment I eat it on rice cakes with cottage cheese. Delish!

Plus, dear old vegemite has got almost no calories (loads of salt, but that's a different concern).

Vegemite's not quite promite nor is it marmite ... it has it's own unique taste. Buy it by the large jar!!
Haven't eaten it in years gillymary, but as a kid I too liked fresh bread, lots of butter and the tiniest bit of vegemite on it...marmite is like a pale imitation (there was that good ;>)
I love vegemite! Like a lot of Aussies, Vegemite on toast is the "go to" food when you're under the weather. However, I couldn't eat it as thick as my dear departed Mum ate it. She had a bit of bread and butter with her Vegemite.
I love it on toast. I love it on crumpets. We often had Vegemite and chese sangers for school lunch. Vegemite and chopped walnuts is good too and if you want to make it healthier you can throw in some chopped lettuce! Yum!
Well, the only thing I think of is Men at Work and 80s songs. Never had it, or even seen it around here.
I'll go the promite, less sharp than vegimite, but I dont mind a scrape with lots butter sometimes. Got to be in the mood for vegimite, but can have promite daily.
GMH new avatar, tell us more

Thanks for the vegemite support, it must be Australia's national spread, ,very versatile as nilcchoco and chock describe?
Oh I love Vegemite! I used to be a Marmite fan until I discovered the smoother taste of Vegemite. Its banned for me now as its not gluten free and I soooo miss it!I got some gluten free yeast extract from Holland and Barrett and its horrid. Yuk yuk spit spit,!
I must have had vegamite as a kid as I lived there 40+ years ago. But I can't remember it.
Yay Vegimite, sometimes you just need some on buttery toast.
Vegemite on toast is the best thing to eat when you have a hangover.
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