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500 cal foods/ carbs no carbs
10 Jun 2013, 12:35
Just wondered if anyone thinks its better to use 500 cals up using just meat/ fish / fruit and veg or if people use there 500 cals in carbs or if people think it really does not matter. As the results are the same.?!?!?
I always try and use up my cals on vegetables or salads because they fill me up! Maybe an egg or a little protein. I don't go for carbs much but some people are actually on a low carb diet as well as 5:2.
I think it is the actual fasting rather than the type of food we eat that is important though others may think differently. Whatever suits you and makes you feel fitter and healthier?
Yeah I have always pretty much ate meat/ fish and veg for my cals then as a treat some choccy buttons and an option something like that. Just wondered if i added a potatoe to the mix if it will have an effect even remaining within the 500 cals. :)
All interesting.
I dont know the science but I try to take them as protein and veg. Partly as I exercise quite a bit as part of my plan (including fast days)and dont want to use muscle as energy source, partly as I think protein calories are better at fending off hunger. Final reason is I tend to think I eat too much carb, on balance, on other days

I like muscles, white fish, prawns and chicken. I also use zero noodles and sugar free jelly a fair bit for "padding".

I reckon though results probably the same, its the flex for you thats attractive with this thing

good luck
Hi Zacardwell - meat, fish, fruit and veg are definitely healthier, although the fruit and veg obviously have carbs in them. (The fruit especially).

You will lose more if you keep the carbs right down every day - then there is no need to count calories on non-fast days.
Hi brill, yes was thinking more of potatoes, rice, pasta.
I think I will stick to how I am doing it not really that fussed with the above. Think I would rather the options and buttons. I do always eat what i like on other days never count calories and always lose. over 16 pounds now and only ever stayed the same once. Just didnt want to jeopardise the it by changing my routine. So will stay the same i think.:) thanks
One of the 5:2 books I read said if you are only having 500 cals make sure you enjoy them[but don't use them for alcohol!]It is the philosophy I have adopted. I just adapt my every day eating.
No starches or sugars for me on a fast day...I think keeping carbs right down helps to keep the body in fat burning mode. So I have a small amount of a protein source (lean meat or fish) and lots of veggies in just one meal.
I'm not sure which is best, but for me I have to have some protein (usually fish) otherwise I'm still hungry, and I have this all in one evening meal. I can do without the carbs though, just for one day, and then another one day! I've been losing weight slowly but steadily doing this so it's working for me and I didn't have a really high BMI to start with.
I tend to avoid carbs on fast days, mainly because you get a LOT more to eat for your 500 calories going with mainly veg and a little bit of protein. Rice, potatoes and pasta are all higher calorie per gram.
I eat carbs on a fast day in the form of oats along with chia seeds and almond milk. I went thru a period of IBS symptoms several years ago, so I'm careful to keep my digestive system happy and healthy with lots of fiber. Then plenty of veggies for dinner.

I find that if I add nuts to my breakfast/lunch that my hunger is satisfied until my next meal. I avoid other carbs because I worry they'll make me more hungry later.
I'm afraid I love my carbs. Pasta and rice are too expensive (calorie-wise) for fast days but I always have new potatoes with whatever dish I'm having - feels less of a fast somehow. I believe in everything in moderation! And 120g of cooked new potatoes are only 80 calories, so about the same or less than lean protein. I'm on week 5 and have lost 6lb so it's working for me!
Just thought I'd bump this useful and interesting thread as we are all about low carb and fasting these days!
I rarely eat the main starches (potatoes/rice/pasta/bread) but when I do I only have one serving a day of one item. When my doctor was testing me for food allergies/intolerances, he isolated the trigger items and I ate none of them for four weeks. Then I gradually introduced them, one at a time, but I had to wait for at least72 hours before I could eat the same item again (eg a slice of bread on Monday - next slice of bread the following Friday) as this was the time it took for the bread to 'leave my system' and have no side effects. I usually average a portion of rice, three portions of potato and four slices of bread per month and that keeps my psoriasis away.

On Fast Days I usually have a homemade coleslaw for lunch and chicken and vegetables for my evening meal.
I use most of my 500 cals on red meat, and a bit for veg. This gives me a satisfying meal, and high in nutrients. The longer I've been fasting, and following low-carb, the less I want carbs, and the more I enjoy small, but fat/calorie dense meals
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