Historically I have put on weight, but slowly. I have been lucky enough to need to work quite hard at putting on weight.
I am entering perimenopause and starting to get menopausal symptoms. Very early days and certainly no need to consider hormones yet. One major effect is that my metabolism has completely changed. I can now put on a stone of carefully lost weight in not much more than a month. :cry: That is disheartening but even more worrying is what might happen if I just stopped fasting. My mother post -menopause now has a rounded stomach and a little weight gain, but her metabolism seems the same as it was when she was younger.
So my question is - what can I do to counteract this effect?
I've just started running again - I'm guessing exercise can't hurt my metabolism?
I've heard that fasting can change a body's set point - can that be advantageous at this time in life?
More information - I was previously hyperactive thyroid, treated with radioactive iodine and now hypthyroid. I keep my TSH under 1, so in theory not connected to the metabolism change. I'm tall, so my TDEE is 2000 even with little exercise.
It would be great to hear from others who have found something that works!

many thanks