Hi, I’m very enthusiastic about the fast diet and I’m now losing weight as I was something like 3.2 stones overweight. However, there’s a big doubt I’d like to get some wisdom about…:

To make it easy to understand, here’s my question:

Shall I feel hungrier after losing 3.2 stones (to my ideal weight of 79kg) than if I instead lost 2.5 stones?. I mean if I’ll feel hungrier in the months or years after my weight loss while keeping my weight constant (not during my weight-loss, which obviously makes me hungrier).

My idea is, maybe it’d be better to lose 2.5 stones and preserve some of my fat (which will show as a bit of a belly) so I won’t feel as hungry from them on, as if after getting to my ideal weight my body rebelled against that lack of fat and was willing to regain it.

Any experiences on this?
Any help much welcome.