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Hi all and thanks so much for bearing with me during my move - I was offline for a bit longer than expected, it's so good to have internet access again and to have caught up with all your requests and messages :)

As we look to expand the site over the coming months a key area we want to look at is the recipes system. I started to develop something for this quite some time ago, but as always technology moves quicker than me and I think it's time to work on revamping what I had originally planned. We've now got a great team together to develop the FastDay website and it's going to be really exciting once it's all ready and so much more than I could ever have achieved by myself. I'm sure you'll be delighted with the new content and resources we're going to be offering to support fasters in addition to just the forum.

In the meanwhile I've realised it would look a bit silly starting up a whole recipes/food section only to have absolutely nothing in there to start out with. It won't exactly look good to new members will it?! I know a lot of you have contributed some really great recipes in the 5:2 Food forum here but it would take me ages to go through and organise these into a more manageable format instead of the free text format in which they have currently been entered, and not only that but I'd prefer to know that the authors are happy for their recipes to be displayed on the site beyond the forum itself. We've got enough there to really make a nice starting selection of recipes on the expanded site, so I'd like to invite all of you who have contributed to re-submit your recipes (if you're happy for them to be included) via this simple form:

Submit your recipes for the new FastDay Food section

Thanks in advance :) This way we'll be able to keep them all more organised and easy to search by various criteria. I'd like to think that one day we'll be the web's premier venue for everything 5:2 - advice, support, recipes, tracking etc. Big plans I know, but one thing at a time!

That said, I'd like to tell you a bit about an idea which I hope will become a real possibility at some point down the line, once the above Food area is set up and filling out with lovely recipes...

I've had a taster of what it's like to get products to review when I was offered my Withings scales and tried out some supplements and meal replacements (ewww!). I think it would be fantastic if we could get involved somehow with some of the ready meal companies out there or even the home delivery meals services. We already know a lot of them offer meals for under 500 calories and its clear that more and more are jumping on the 5:2 or VLCD (very low calorie diet) bandwagon.

As the web's most active 5:2 (& related fasting methods!) community I'm sure we have some clout. On top of being able to offer a huge selection of recipes to fellow fasters it would be great if we could have an area to provide a sort of directory of ready meals which fit our way of eating, including reviews and feedback from fellow fasters. I know processed foods aren't the ideal, but I'm sure many of us have chosen to go for the easy option on a fast day from time to time or simply prefer not to cook when fasting. I'd like to think that at some point when our new Food section is underway and has a good amount of content, these ready meal producers/sellers might be prepared to offer us some sample meals (either via delivery or perhaps a product-specific token/voucher) for our members to try out and review.

What I'm thinking is that we could have a sort of 'Foodie Panel' here at the forum, a group of volunteer members who are happy to try out these products (whatever they may be!), and complete a mini review about them afterwards, rating them for various key factors like taste, healthiness, how filling they were and so on. Would anyone here be interested in being on such a panel if any of this were to come to fruition? It would be great to have reviews of meals available not just in the UK but from around the world in key supermarkets & chains. In terms of sample products I don't know yet how we'd reach out to the international market but if folks are buying meals for their fast days anyway it would be great to add these products and a simple review to our directory. Perhaps the 'Foodie Panel' might also be given the opportunity to dine out at fasting-friendly eateries one day!

Looking further down the line I wonder if we could have other review panels/groups to review useful new products like scales, fitness devices, books etc - whatever we can arrange to get samples of.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding the above ideas and anything you'd really like to see in terms of features, searchability etc in the new Food section of the site, thanks.

TL;DR: We're going to have a lovely new Food section here at FastDay and I'd like folks to submit their recipes for inclusion. In the future I'd like to arrange some kind of ready-meal review panel and hopefully arrange for some free samples for them to try out.
How exciting @Moogie, great times ahead! :heart:
I would certainly be interested in being a member of any future 'Foodie Panel' be it testing fast foods, books or whatever was on offer! Look forward to learning more about these developments in due course! x
:heart: Great news @moogie You are going to be a very busy lady indeed and I'd love to become a Guinea Pig in either the food corner or especially the fitness devises. :heart: Sue
Looks very exciting.
I don't really do ready meals as have to Taylor my fast days to fit around my family. But that often ends up being the reverse in that my meals are extended to suit the families needs. But I will always try out alternative "slim noodles" for those of us who don't like the texture of the current ones available.
Also being a fitbit user and exerciser I would be happy to test out this type of equipment, As having used others I have something to compare with already.
Even different ways of calculating calorific content would be helpful, even though I love my fitness Pal.
This looks very exciting. I would be interesting in reviewing stuff :)
It all sounds very exciting Moogie. Count me in for any trials of ready meals, as I have found them a very useful standby on fast days. I think an authoritative section covering these, as well as having a foodie section, recipes, making food from scratch etc, would prove just how wide-ranging the options were for fasting and attract more people who are time-poor to this WoE.
:like: :clover: :victory: :wink:
Oh , yes, count me in, I'm the ready meal guru. It's what fast days mean to me. I'd LOVE to be a guinea pig

Bean :chicken2:
Exciting times indeed Moogie! You have been/will be busy.
I'd be happy to review anything be it food, fitness or 5:2 related.
Have been doing 5:2 for a year now, maintaining for almost 7 months and am open to anything new to keep it going and that might help anyone else.
Oh my goodness, what super ideas.
I shall post some recipes to you, as soon as I get organised.
As I live abroad, the tastings will be no good to me. But, I nearly always find time to make cheap and cheerful from freah available foods here.
And to be honest, it doesn't take that long. Some left over roast chicken/turkey/beef, with a plate of veg takes less that half an hour.
Good lick Moogie and I shall tune in to the thread. (says she, trying to get back in the throw of it all again..Ho hum!!
Sounds like grand plans afoot!!
Hopefully we will have some opportunities in Aus to participate too!

my name is Juliana Rivers and I am a foodie.

can i be on the panel?

i post all my pics to my friends/family regularly .. at least 3 times a week and theres a bit of a joke around the household that people cant start dinner before "mum" has taken her photographs. even take them at "stages" of the dish.

OH is building special lighted area in our new kitchen. so excited.
Hi @Moogie

I have been thinking about navigation on the site for a while and I think this will make all the great info available here much more accessible.

I was having a look at the recipe submission form and had a few thoughts about things the recipe site might benefit from...

The dietary requirements could do with the additional categories...

Low Carb
Low fat
High Fat

The calories section could do with...

a carb total
a carb minus fiber total
A GI GL if known section
A fat total

The course section could do with...

A tapas section for component meals, accompaniment would be close but not quite? A way of linking the matching parts together? This goes with?

An any meal time section

For example frittata which could fit a few of these categories.

The health rating section is quite subjective for example...

My favourite cheese soup recipe

1 1/2 lb Stilton
1 1/2 pints sour cream
1 1/2 lb broccoli
1 onion
Veg bouillon

Now to me this is a really healthy thing to eat but it might be anathema to a low fat or low calorie person. Although this would be fine to rate as healthy if the recipe came under the dietary requirement categories of low carb and high fat.

I realise that you are also looking to the design and functionality of the site, but wonder what you think.

caitlin Xx
Hi I would be very interested in going on a food panel, or try out new ideas. I am already going through my old recipe books looking for new ideas to tempt the taste buds. Already tried a sainsburys recipe for stuffed cod with leeks which was lovely. Thanks for all the help and suppor. :like: :smile:
Great ideas Moogie. While I don't do ready meals (although totally get why they're so useful), I'd be interested in other food reviews - and also other gadgets like pedometers, scales, other kitchen gadgets, other exercise gadgets, recipes, ingredients, books reviews, apps...
Hi Moogie, more than happy to help with any food related trials.
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