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165 cals - Ratatouille
10 Jan 2013, 22:23
Just a placeholder for now so I can upload the recipe tomorrow.

I tend to do batch-cooks and divide them up into decent servings with a reasonable amount of cals!

My ratatouille comes out at about 165 cals per portion, and I had this for dinner tonight with 70g cous cous (dry weight, 190 cals) made up with half a chicken oxo (8 cals), seasoning & dried parsley and a Tesco Mediteranean vege sausage for 85 cals.

Total meal size: 448 cals

I couldn't even manage it all. Next time I'll remember to cut down the couscous and have another yummy sausage instead!
Maybe not the most MasterChef-looking food, but tasty and filling!
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
07 Feb 2013, 15:41
So, were you going to upload the recipe or what? ;-)
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
08 Feb 2013, 13:10
Oops! Forgot about this one. I'll dig it out tomorrow - give me a pole if I don't!
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
26 Sep 2013, 17:24
Finally got around to putting this recipe up! ... l-500kcal/
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
26 Sep 2013, 18:41
A nine month gestation period for this recipe to appear!! Hope the labour pains weren't too bad! :wink:
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
27 Sep 2013, 01:33
I love ratatouille! It's so great and filling, a really wonderful meal suggestion Moogie! It takes a while to make, but it freezes well and it's oh so yummy.
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
30 Sep 2013, 06:41
I'm a ratatouille fan too. Sometimes I mess with the true ratty recipe, mind you, and use mushrooms and broccoli stems! But it's very adaptable. I'm not sure how many kjs/cals, but it'll be about the same as the one you've added,I think.
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
06 Oct 2013, 09:24
I too love ratatouille -and often use it as a pie filling:

Interesting to compare the two ratatouille recipes, Moogie - although I'm sure yours is the more authentic.

Perhaps mine is more for the winter! :smile:
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
22 Sep 2014, 15:47
Just made this for my tea and it was DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!
Thanks sis for this recipe and the easy link xx :heart:
Re: 165 cals - Ratatouille
22 Sep 2014, 16:36
Glad you enjoyed it! It's one of my faves :) I like to get chicken sausages from Dorch market for with this these days as you can have 2 for about 100 calories and they're scrummy. Did you do couscous with it or attempt an omelette?! ;)
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