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Calorie calculator for recipes
04 Feb 2013, 10:33
I'm just copying Moogie's link to this handy calorie calculator for recipes to here as it is SO useful! (Thanks Moogie)
Thanks for this, very useful. I had no idea there were so many calories in tomatoes! I had been eating loads of cherry ones.
OK..I need help..I bought a whole (still in its shell) fresh crab from the market today but I can't find out how many calories it is per 100 g. Can anybody out there help me? x x x
According to my fitness pal it's 81 cals per 100g. Enjoy!
No wonder Dressed Crab is sooo expensive ! It has taken me over an hour to get as much crab meat as possible out of the B***er and all I have at the end, yes I have to admit I did put a few pieces into my mouth on the way, but on the scales are I reckon 350gms per crab....what a rip off haha!! However I dont feel at all hungry, I have a bowl full which I will eat later with some salad leaves and a small dollop of mayo and I can even have a small glass of white wine with it !! ..Wonderful ! a real treat on a fasting day!!!
Will I ever do it again? If I lived near the sea I am sure I I might!
This is very good, but it says that prawns are nearly twice the calories to the amount stated in the fast diet book. I had made up a lovely recipe of stuffed peppers but the added 100 calories that the calculator states spoils it a bit. I will still post it though and let others decide.
There are some mistakes in the Fast Diet calories and sometimes you'll find that one calories list is referring to raw weight while others refer to cooked weight. For example, 100g of raw chicken contains less calories than 100g cooked chicken (since the chicken weighs less when cooked but contains the same calories).
Hi Everyone
I'am new to useing counting calories and finding it confuseing,
the 5-2 book is sometimes a lot different to my collins calorie book.
Is there a standard set of figures you would recomend.
Is this similar to the Nutracheck app/site?
thanks for that . very useful !
I really like the site. It really has a large data base of foods.
I love the recipe analyzer on there. It's really good for working out the calorie content of single portions of a whole dish. I use it a lot :)
I'm a new member just need some tips to get me started
I find the MyFitnessPal most useful for counting calories. I have the ap on my phone so can count them up during the day.
What a wonderful tool. Thank you for the link. :smile:
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