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What are the best love songs ?
14 Feb 2016, 13:00
Happy Valentine's day !!!! :heart:

It's the best day to do a little poll for all romantics people here, what is, for you the perfect(s) love song ?

For me, the perfect love song is this one You're Not From Here - Lara Fabian It reflects just perfectly what I feel and can't necessarily express in words . He's definitively not from here :heart:

Another classic that is Still Loving You - Scorpion

And, of course, I couldn't miss this one Wild is The Wind - David Bowie :rose:

What are your favourites ?
Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney and Wings!
Hi Manderley,
Things must still be going well for you to put such a post, that's great. My all time favourite would have to be Joan Armatrading Love and Affection.
Thanks for the welcome to the forum after my last reply by the way, I think it's a really good open space for anyone to work things through, regarding fasting or anything else without being judged by people. Hope you're enjoying Valentine's Day
I had to look for the song because I don't know that artist at all and woaw she has a beautiful voice !

You're most welcome, it's a nice community here, we are here for each other and can talk about anything really. It's often easier to confide here than it is in "real life" because you KNOW you won't be judged.

This year is my first real Valentine's Day celebration and so far it's been quiet because the surprise is for tonight. If you can imagine a kid waiting to get up at Christmas to see if Santa came during the night, I am in that state of excitement. :grin: I forgot how happiness felt after last year.....

Oh and I forgot that song I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi :cool:
Oooohhhh that's a good one !!! I would never think about it as a love song per say but it really works now that I think of it
I love "That was Yesterday". I think it was a little bit later than "Urgent", wasn't it ?
Wolfie wrote: Urgent with Foreigner? :oops:

I can relate to that!!! Thanks for the laugh!
Can I throw "Nobody Loves me like you do" by Whitney Houston into the mix?
Nice topic Mands!
I love River Deep Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner..the ultimate love song full of passion!

Another goodie..Higher and Higher by JackieWilson..
Enjoy your romantic evening dear M! X
Just one Tim Booth..AsFar as I Can See..
A catchy gentle song...Story of an ongoing love affair and a happy family
His wife,children and parents feature in the vid x
Isn't the best and most endearing love song of all time the one where someone special took the time to sing it to you?
ADFnFuel wrote: Isn't the best and most endearing love song of all time the one where someone special took the time to sing it to you?

I am the one who sang for someone special last night so I wouldn't know :wink:

@Chris P I didn't know that Whitney Houston song, she really had a beautiful voice

@CandiceMarie I love how Tina Turner was already shacking all over :victory:
Last night was... magical. I always thought that romantic gestures were a bit cheesy but boy oh boy was I wrong !

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day :rose:
@manderley so glad that life is so much brighter now and that you're up for reaching out to grasp happiness again xx you go girl! :like: :heart: :victory: xx
Your life can definitively change in a matter of days, I learned it the hard way last year. That gives a sense of urgency, I guess. I was really scared, at the beginning, with my English man (gosh I am so proud of him being English :grin: ) because he's 15 years younger than me but everything is so natural with him and he's as calm as I am a nervous wreck, the yin to my yang :yinyang:

Oh and I had to add 2 songs, even if they are in French
Serge Gainsbourg - La Javanaise

Michel Sardou - Je vais t'aimer (and this one is hot hot hot )

Edit to add Vanessa Paradis - Pourtant. How could I forget this one ?????? It's been one of my favourite for years.....
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