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I have been advised to eat live yogurt no more than twice a week (high carb), so I was wondering whether I should take a probiotic capsule of some sort to compensate on missing out on the active bacteria side.
Just had a quick wiz round the interweb and found a LOT of confusing (mis)information.
Do any of our lovely fasters have experience/knowledge to pass on to help with this puzzle?
@carorees for example :0)
Thank you folks \o/
I have not tried probiotic yogurt but am thinking of trying Inulin food suppliment. This apparently helps to improve the gut bacteria. Has anyone tried it?
No but I see its in the ingredients of multibionta tabs ... B000LNEB2O
Anyone tried these? Any good?
I eat Greek yoghurt and my health food shop sells unpasteurized organic sauerkraut so that does me for probiotics. OK as I am low carb but not Atkins induction level low carb. I use inulin as a sweetener, it is sweet enough for me so I don't need Stevia, Splenda etc. One or two teaspoons in yoghurt, Paleolithic porridge, minute muffins etc.
@barbarita thanks for mentioning inulin..i was wondering what it tastes like..
There was a programme on about ageing well/ living young and someone said you need to eat a really huge amount of lentils! BUT, instead for the same health benefit, you can sprinkle inulin on your food..well i guess if its sweet, you can only use it on yr dessert ( should you be lucky enough to have one :razz: )
sorry AB @azureblueto butt in and furthermore,not able to offer anything of use about probiotics, but Hi anyway and ((((( hugs)))))) x
I think I`ll buy some and give it a try. Didn`t realise it is sweet, so adding it to greek yogurt sounds like an excellent idea. I saw the "how to live longer" program on BBC 1 and that`s the first I`ve heard of its gut fat busting properties. Since I have a fatty liver it doesn`t sound like it can do any harm. Thanks for that.
Before taking inulin powder please can you read about it on the web as there are known problems that may effect you. I'm sure @barbarita checked it out before digging in :0)
Hi @CandiceMarie {{{hugs}}} right back to you :0)
Azureblue wrote: Before taking inulin powder please can you read about it on the web as there are known problems that may effect you. I'm sure @barbarita checked it out before digging in :0)
Hi @CandiceMarie {{{hugs}}} right back to you :0)

I should have said, if you go ahead with it, build up slowly. Start with 1/4 teaspoon.
@azureblue I don't understand why yoghurt is considered high carb enough for it to be limited to twice a week? You can lower the carb content by adding double cream to greek yoghurt. Of course, if you think you may be dairy intolerant then that is different.
Dairy products (especially those containing a deal of whey protein) will raise insulin (bad) but are also known to be more satiating (good) so are possibly neutral for weight gain/loss. If in doubt go for dairy with low whey component (hard cheese, cream, strained yoghurt).
Probiotics don't generally do much for you unless you also take prebiotics like inulin to support their growth but there are other sources of resistant starches that feed the good guys such as green leafy veg, cruciferous veg, cooked and cooled potato.
I like to make my own yogurt. Using plain milk with starter from unflavored yogurt keeps calories the same as the milk. I add flavor, or berries, for small frozen popsicles for the hot days that I crave ice cream. Supplements worked well after a round of antibiotics, but I don't know about regularly.
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