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18 Mar 2016, 08:37
:grin: Hi Everyone
I completed my 20th fast yesterday and my weight loss is 11lb's so far, which I'm delighted with.
Like a lot of other people on the forum I've tried other diets and failed, but the 5-2 has worked perfectly.
Don't get me wrong it's been very difficult at times especially at the beginning, but I love the feeling the day after
It may sound daft but it's like being 'empowered', I've taken control of what I put in my mouth.
If anybody is struggling please keep it up, the results are so worth it.
To all those regular posters 'thankyou for your inspirational and positive post, they've kept me going through the dark days :grin:
Re: Delighted
18 Mar 2016, 09:33
Keep it up. I went down from a size 18/20 to a size 10/12 in just over a year. Sadly I have no photographic evidence, as I've always been camera shy. I'm still shocked when I catch sight of myself in a mirror, especially when wearing skinny jeans. For the first time in my life knee length boots are baggy on me. They never were, even when I was a relatively slim teenager.

My appetite has really altered, and, two and a bit years after starting on 5:2, I tend to just eat one meal a day on the vast majority of days. No food is banned for me, but I hardly eat any bread, cakes, rice or pasta now. I was never a great fan of sweet foods, but I now find very sugary things totally repugnant and can detect a grain of sugar from ten paces. I think I've nipped pre-diabetes in the bud and hopefully prevented other nasty health problems. That's the most positive thing for me. I was more taken with the potential health benefits than the thought of weight loss, but of course I've been pleased with that, even though it has been costly replacing every single item in my wardrobe a couple of times over. I'm now a charity shop queen after needing to buy new things every couple of months. My weight is now static after losing the bulk of the weight within a year, but I continue to lose inches at a very slow rate.
Well done and good luck with the rest of your journey.

Re: Delighted
18 Mar 2016, 09:51
Wow Bracken your journey has been so worth should be me who congratulates you :grin:
5-2 can re-train your eating habits if you stick with it.
I'm abit like you, I will generally eat 1 meal and the others tend to be light snacks, fruit etc.
Keep up the good work Bracken and hit those shops
Re: Delighted
18 Mar 2016, 10:02
Well done you! And thanks for sharing your success so far - I have been doing 5:2 off and on since the start of 2014 and it's so nice to read experiences like yours. They are a reminder of that all-important 'lightbulb moment', when we realise that unlike many other diets/eating plans out there, 5:2 works! Keep it up :clover:
Re: Delighted
18 Mar 2016, 11:19
Great job!! :grin:
Re: Delighted
18 Mar 2016, 20:30
Well done Cathy! And yes,that next day feeling is hard to beat!x :like:
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