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I have been fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, but this week I decided to do Monday and Wednesday instead because the end of the week is full of social events. Monday's fast was fine as usual, but Wednesday was awful! I had all the things I normally do, same amount of coffee, eggs around 11 am, and then dinner with my family - and if anything, I had even more water than usual. But nothing helped my headache, muscles aches, and fatigue. I'm still feeling it today.

I'm only 4 weeks into this lifestyle. I'm wondering if any of you that have been doing this for a while have found that they really need a couple of days in between fasts, or if you've found that a harder than average fast day may be the first sign you are getting sick. Luckily I didn't experience this straight away or I might not have stuck with it! It's my first bump in the road with this WOE.
ottermoon wrote: ... if anything, I had even more water than usual. But nothing helped my headache, muscles aches, and fatigue. I'm still feeling it today. ...

Deja vu it seems...

It seems very likely that you need more salt in your diet: ... ml#p103857
Oh poor you, that sounds miserable.
While I do change my days around to suit, Monday and Wednesday fasts are pretty typical for me, and I don't find it a problem.
I can't offer much advice except to say some fasts are different to others. When (in extremis) I did two fasts back to back, the first time wasn't good, but another time it was OK.
So I would say, don't be put off from trying it again at some time in the future; but I wouldn't do it next week!
You know, ADFnFuel might be right. I stopped having headaches on fast days about when I started drinking chicken bouillon as my afternoon pick-me-up.

I find Monday and Wednesday to be a bit more difficult than Monday and Thursday, but not that much more difficult.

Good luck!!
@ottermoon, Mon/Thurs are my usual light days; if I need to change (only for a very good reason; have done this only a few times in over a year and a half), I always make sure that I have at least two days inbetween light days. This is not a rule, just my personal preference. Despite that, I usually find that those "substitute" light days are a little harder than usual, probably because I'm usually subbing Sunday for Monday, or Friday for Thursday, which messes up the weekend.

As you say, this is early days for you, you haven't really found your rhythm and what works best for you yet. I suggest you keep a little journal about 5.2--what works as well as what doesn't--so you can learn from what goes well, and what doesn't. Eh, you may think, I'll remember; but you might not, and why have to learn the same unpleasant lesson again? For example, early on I had a baked potato for dinner, well within my calories...but since it was plain and very naked carby, I woke up in the middle of the night and had to get up and eat some protein to go back to sleep. Haven't made that mistake again!

I am currently making some adjustments to my 5.2 WOL at this time, mostly regarding normal days; light days are going just fine, I usually end up about 100 calories under my limit. It's the normal days that are a problem...
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