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Boy was I getting tired of losing and gaining the same two pounds or so for all that time! But perseverance works in the end, and I'm definitely heading slowly downwards again.

I don't count, even on fast days, just aim to consume as little as possible in one evening snack-sized meal, well under 500, but I wonder if this might've crept up sometimes. Possibly what made the difference was a two pronged attack to cut out ALL milk in coffee during the day, and -- even harder! -- to stop having even two tablespoons of red wine with dinner (which tends to lead to another two...) These things both keep me really focussed now, too.

Anyway, whatever the reason, so happy to be back on the downward track again. So don't give up!
plateaus can be so disheartening - mine has lasted what seems like forever
keep up the good work Emm

That is great :-)
Wine is tricky for me too....
Well done @emm. It's disappointing not to have measurable evidence of progress for a while, but I'm absolutely convinced unseen benefits are continuing just the same. To back this up, I "feel" better in all sorts of ways, and I just fell another weight plateau too, without making any tweaks - just plodding along on 5:2.

@emm: I've gone back to drinking wine from a glass - I find it draws less attention in restaurants than the spoon. :-)
LOL! I agree. It just feels right! And even while stuck forever at one number, it was a number I hadn't seen for years so I was pretty happy just being there. Still feels so strange heading for the trouser rail two sizes smaller!
@emm: I've gone back to drinking wine from a glass - I find it draws less attention in restaurants than the spoon. :-) :grin: :lol: :grin:

Ballerina x :heart:
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