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Will be challenged tomorrow
12 Mar 2016, 18:42
I have a family dinner tomorrow at It's a kosher, vegetarian (almost vegan*) Chinese restaurant. There is probably nothing on their menu that meets my Paleo WOE. But it's a super fun place to eat, the food is great and the guest of honor is a vegetarian, so woe is me. They say they will try to meet the dietary requirements of guests, but take away the soy, sugar, gluten, vegetable seed oils, legumes and grains and there isn't much left. I have decided to request something sugar, and gluten free; those are the two food components most likely to send me spiraling down. I don't have gluten issues, but hopefully that will keep carbs low, that's the real problem. Buddha's Basket with Precious Nuts looks promising. I'll be skipping the rice too.

I have been Whole30 compliant for 13 days. I need to not go off the rails completely tomorrow. On Monday I will begin again. Each day in my log I write Whole1, Whole2, Whole3... Monday will be Whole1 again, but I'm planning for it, so it doesn't feel like a failure, just a blip. I have no events to work around for the following 30 days and I am determined to complete a Whole30, so I will begin again the moment the evening ends. I am already feeling better. I have quelled the weekend emotional eating cravings. But I know they are lurking, not gone.

I won't fast on Monday; I'm going to start the day with a whole avocado and fryup. It's a mistake to feel deprived with those (potential) excess carbs floating around my system. Monday is Pi day (3/14). I can make shepherds pie, and I will!

*"Only the fortune cookies contain eggs." Ha-ha! Eggs - very permitted on my WOE.
Re: Will be challenged tomorrow
12 Mar 2016, 20:01
Seems you're already well aware of the boundaries but I did run across this link: ... staurants/

which suggests a few more options.
Re: Will be challenged tomorrow
12 Mar 2016, 22:56
Thanks @ADFnFuel. If only it were a regular Chinese restaurant :cry:
Every item on their menu that says beef, chicken, pork, etc is fake, vegetarian meat. It all tastes great, but it's all soy and wheat! I've eaten there before a couple of times and enjoyed it to the hilt! I kind of encouraged the selection of place because it's so darn fun to go there. I'm going to do my best tomorrow and, whatever happens, I'm ready to get back to the good life on Monday - cauliflower and ground lamb purchased and ready to go. I love Pi day.
Re: Will be challenged tomorrow
13 Mar 2016, 02:15
I say splurge!! Life is too short not to! :) Good luck with it!
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