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Hi all!

Yep, here I am - again!! Today I am embarking on my second 42 hour fast ever. So I haven't eaten since last night - around 8 isn and I won't eat again until 12-30 ish tomorrow! I am literally going to have nothing but water, black coffee and green tea. Fasting like this is hugely beneficial not only for weight loss but for reversing Type 2 Diabetes!! If you want to explore this area, I highly recommend going on to Diet Doctor website where you will see videos from Dr Jason Fung - a passionate fasting advocate!

Anyway, is anyway else fasting today? Or am I all alone?

How you all doing lately?

Bean :heart:
Hey Beano ! @nursebean hellooooo its a bit echo - y in here
Remember when we had all the different tents and campfires? Those were the days!
Well i am not bit surprised about yr 42 hr fasts WERE always the Queen of ADF and an excellent faster.
Well done :like: :clover: :heart:
Its great how so many of us got into good longterm habits once we got used to Intermittent Fasting isnt it.
After all the tedious years of low cal,low fat,losing maybe a pound a week and giving up out of sheer boredom further down the line,its great to find WOE that actually suit us and work for us.
Ive just done a nine day green smoothie challenge that was delicious and easy to follow.....following a programme set up by a lady called Robyn Openshawe. Gonna repeat it coz i felt so well on it.
Hello to all friends old and new on Fast Day,thinking of you,big hugs all round and specially to my good old chum Bean xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello girls, nice to catch up with you both. Beanie, , I love 42 hour fasts but not sure I could do any longer but why would you? It's amazing how awful it sounds, 42 hours sounds like days and days without food but it is actually only the one day without food and the results are fantastic. Not done one for some time, been no need recently as stress is keeping me trim. Do let us know how it goes, love to all.

Candice Marie, hello lovely, you are quite right about how fasting never leaves you once you have got the hang of it, hope you are keeping well.

And 4 of those make one week!

What I've consistently noticed (and the curious will come to know also) during multi-day fasts is a dramatic increase in time available to do other things (that would otherwise be taken up with meal prep, eating, and clean up), an increase in overall alertness and no reduction in energy levels. There's also a confidence, a certainty, and a sense of freedom that come with knowing what normal eating actually was for our ancestors in a very-real biological sense. It's amazing to experience how robust and adaptable we are as a species - so completely contrary to our supposed eat-every-few-hours-or-die feebleness. Hunger is an ad campaign, not a reality.
How lovely to have some of the ''old timers' together in one post, @ADFnFuel, @Ballerina, @CandiceMarie and @nursebean! This forum is certainly a shadow of its former self but I still love it, even though I haven't visited for a few weeks.
I have never done a 42 hour total fast and don't really enjoy even a back-to-back but I agree that I have a great deal more usable time on fast days, when there is only one meal to make. I have been losing and gaining the same few pounds for months and am thoroughly tired of it, so I am having a determined effort to get rid of those pounds before Christmas. I have four and a half pounds to go, so am being more careful that usual on NFD's plus fasting two days a week, so that should do it! Wish me luck and a strong will! :smile: :smile:
Details practical differences between men and women's weight loss experiences, also mentions 42 hour fasts. ... ng-part-2/
I’ve never tried a complete 42 hours as I do have a small dinner at the end of the day. Often I do one fast a week, which keeps weight gain in check, whereas I need to do two to lose weight. It still works.
Afternoon campers
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