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Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 03:42
I am hoping to do a standard 5:2 fast day today. Don't really feel like it (see more about this in the weekly challenge thread that I plan to start next) but want to see if I can manage a fast day as I think I will feel better tomorrow if I don't eat much today.

But will see how I go. It is early afternoon and I have to get through another 5 hours til dinner time. I don't want to eat before then, because there is a good chance I won't be able to stop... But if I can last til dinner time, I may be able to stop myself eating in the evening - by getting a ton of ironing done and then going to bed as I am very tired.

Good luck and best wishes to all! :clover: :smile:
Re: Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 09:39
I am also fasting now; with you Sassy. The more you fast the easier it becomes :grin: . So I do hope you get through today! My lowest weight yet on Sunday weigh in, 58.9 kg. I blew it, naturally, as I ate on Sunday. But that was planned. So I am not worried. Now I can officially say that I really have lost 4 kg on this Lenten fast so far. :smile: I decorated my simnel Cake on Sunday with 11 'apostles' = marzipan balls. Only a couple of weeks to go before Easter :lol: .
Re: Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 10:41
Not as successful as it could have been but partner had cooked a beautiful bolognaise sauce on the weekend so we all had a very small bowl of pasta and sauce and that's it for today. Last night's pizza and all kinds of carb during the weekend showed on the scales this morning and if I don't go back to proper fasts then I'm unlikely to ever make it back to the maintaining club.
Re: Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 12:02
I haven't done too badly today. Managed to hold out til dinner time. Have probably gone a bit over 500 cals, but I am not prepared to go to bed too hungry.

@Margotsylvia, I did months and months of fasting when I started 5:2 and continued to do so during my initial couple of years of maintenance. Fasting did get easier with time. Initially. But I found that over more time I was finding fasting more difficult and much harder to stick to the calorie limit. So I don't think more fasting will reverse that now! Unfortunately.

I also came to realise that I ideally shouldn't need to fast once I had reached a "goal" weight if I was eating appropriately (ie nutritious food and not more than I need) - though I acknowledge there may be (other) benefits of fasting that mean it is good to include some extended periods without eating.
Re: Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 16:28
I am back fasting today as well - had a very 'busy' weekend food and drink wise, so I need to catch up.
Re: Fasting Monday 3 April 2017
03 Apr 2017, 21:40
It is now the day after my fast day (well, really a light day If I am honest - 500cals just isn't enough to stop me feeling hungry at night) and I do feel better for it. That, and having a decent night's sleep! Another glorious morning in Melbourne. We have a nice few days ahead forecast, then I think we might get a bit more wintery.

Hope everyone else did/ is doing okay. :clover:

@Wmr309, we do seem to be in a similar position (I may have said that in earlier posts too??).
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