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Fasting today 9th June 2017
09 Jun 2017, 09:20
Hi all,

I am back after a long time. I have managed to not put too much weight on, but not quite feeling my best and with holidays coming up the end of June, I started fasting the week before June. I am trying 4:3 for a few weeks, and I am noticing a huge difference already, and not struggling too much. I found this site helped me a lot when I fasted a couple of years back, but it doesn't seem to be overly active like it used to? Have people left, found a new way? Be good to hear from anyone else fasting today. I am in sunny Spain, and the time is just 11.20am and my tummy is rumbling so I am going to make hot drink to take my mind off food..
Re: Fasting today 9th June 2017
09 Jun 2017, 10:06
Hi, @Caboodlez, welcome back. :smile: I'm still here after four years! Generally managing to keep my weight stable but slipped back at the end of last year and it took me a few months to find my motivation again. I did 4:3 last week and again this week, in an attempt to get back down to my target weight. As of last Sunday, I have 2.4 pounds to go but don't think that I will manage it before I go to Belgium on Sunday for a week of looking after granddaughters! Then I am back for four weeks and then away for a month in North America - that is sure to pile the weight on, especially as it includes a week-long cruise. :frown:

You are right that the forum is a very changed place. I don't think that there is any one reason, just a combination of different factors which caused people to stop visiting and posting. It's a shame because, in it's heyday, it was a very informative, lively and amusing place to hang out but at least we still have access to all the old archived material so still plenty to read and learn. It means that those of us still here must make more of an effort to make new people feel very welcome!

I am fasting today so keeping very busy. Nothing for me except tea (no milk 'cos that's how I like it) until supper this evening. We may be the only two fasting today because most people seem to like Mondays and Thursdays, as I do when I am doing my preferred 5:2, but we may have the odd visitor! Stay strong. Onwards and downwards! :victory:
Re: Fasting today 9th June 2017
09 Jun 2017, 10:39
Hi @StowgateResident good to hear from you. Yes Friday is not a great day, and I had initially chosen Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for the 4:3 but yesterday I had so much to do so I moved it day late. Today is good as I am home and I have the computer and housework to keep me occupied.

How lovely you get to go to Belgium to babysit! And North America!! My daughter and I would love to visit Canada one day, its our dream.

So yes I will be checking in regularly to see what is happening, look forward to reading more of your posts.

Re: Fasting today 9th June 2017
09 Jun 2017, 11:49
Welcome back @Caboodlez! There are still a few of us hanging around and trying to keep the site alive. I'm glad you are here to join us! Great job doing 4:3, that's too hard for me!!
Re: Fasting today 9th June 2017
09 Jun 2017, 12:17
Hi @Caboodlez
I am very new to this site, but I found it while researching IF. Maybe we can keep this place more active as we post about our day to day If lifestyle.
Today is my 7th day trying the 16:8 window method. So far so good, but last night I did over eat a bit past my window with some crackers and peanut butter. It might have been my bodies way of saying I wasn't eating enough calories considering I worked 8 hours lifting and moving things around.
I am getting mentally ready for a fast day. Going to pick a day next week and give it a go :geek:
Thanks for coming back to an awesome forum!
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