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Hi everyone! We got back from holiday yesterday evening and I have lots to do today, but wanted to quickly post that I am trying for a fast day today after a holiday that met usual expectations for eating and none of my hoped for sensible eating strategies....

I know I have quite a few posts to catch up with and responses to give for the Christmas Challengers, but will do that later today (I hope).

Best wishes to fellow fasters - and everyone! :clover: :smile:
Good to hear you had a wonderful holiday Sassy1. I hope your fast went well today. I tried to make today a fast day too - and did very well until I got home from work at 9:30pm. I have stayed away from the chocolate, but had a bowl of rice noodles with tuna that wasn't on the schedule! :grin: But a pretty good day overall.

Anyone else in today? <waving>
Thanks MerryMelb, I don't think tuna with rice noodles will do too much damage! I did okay during the day as well (only because I was busy - I felt hungry most of the day), but have just arrived home from choir practice and needed some food. Had a piece of cheese, and am happy with that.

Will there be any other Monday fasters??
I'm in today! Nothing so far, except decaf, black tea, and I intend to keep it that way until dinnertime when home-made fish pie is on the menu! It's probably more calories than it should be but, as I don't count calories, I work on the basis that any reduction in my daily intake has to eventually lead to weight loss! :smile:

:clover: :clover: :clover: Good luck to all those fasting today, although I expect the Australian contingent have already finished. Stay strong, stay busy and stay hydrated! :clover: :clover: :clover:
I'm here as usual for a Monday. I know I don't post very often but I just want to put on record that yesterday was 5 years :shock: since my first fast on 12th November 2012. I have never quite made my aim of 10 1/2 stone but hope springs eternal.
4 naughty pounds I gained in the states in the summer just don't seem to want to leave me at the moment. I am very impressed by and a bit envious of the way @StowgateResident regularly manages to shift her holiday gains so quickly. I reckon it takes about 4 times as long to lose a lb as to gain one :frown:
Tonight's dinner will be an old favourite - Tiger prawn curry with shiritake 'rice'
Congratulations @Lil on your five year anniversary! You must be one of the first to try 5:2. You have done fabulously well, particularly in keeping the weight off. I have commented before on your tracker showing an ideal trajectory. I do understand the disappoint of not meeting a particular weight, but that is just a number. Convert it to some other scale (eg kgs or something very different) and the 10 1/2 stone marker has less impact. Your BMI is quite low, so maybe you are meant to be the weight you currently are.

I am always impressed at how Stowgateresident manages the holiday gain. But I think you also are a great role model for this way of eating!
I agree with you @Lil - I can be good for weeks and lose 1/2 pound, then I stray for a week and I'm up 2!!! SOOOOOO frustrating!!
Unfortunately eating an extra 3500 calories is easy (I can do it in a day) but eating 3500 calories less is a lot harder and takes a lot longer... :grin: :grin: :grin:
I wish it were that straightforward, @Sassy1, but it doesn't seem to be. Most days I eat about 1000 calories and even when I splurge, if I track it, it is not 3500 calories. And I certainly don't think I ate 7000 calories over my TDEE. But, as has been discussed before, that if you've lost weight in the past, you have to eat even less calories to keep it off, and even less to lose more. :frown:
Thank you, @Lil and @Sassy1, for your kind comments regarding my ability to lose weight after a holiday. Sadly, it is proving more difficult nowadays - although I am still not prepared to believe everything my (very expensive!) Aria scales tell me! Congratulation also to you, @Lil, on your fifth fasting anniversary. Mine will be coming up in January next year.

On Sunday I weighed in at 148.8 pounds, heading back down nicely to my 147 pound target. Yesterday, I had regained a pound and today, after a successful fast day, I have jumped up even further to 151.1 pounds! :shock: That is a regain in two days of 2.3 pounds! Fortunately, I have been following 5:2, and before that counted calories, for long enough to be very philosophical about the lies the scales can tell so it is not going to put me off but it could easily do so to people of another mind set. I shall just keep going and maybe tomorrow the scales will be more co-operative! Fingers crossed!

Just keep on, keeping on, people. That's all we can do. To paraphrase @Margotsylvia , 'What else is there to do?' :grin:
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