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Who's in today? I'm hoping to get by until dinner with just coffee, tea and water. Tonight is "crackslaw", ... e-stir-fry

I'll eat as small a portion as I can manage. But it's ketogenic low carb, so I'm not going to worry too much about calorie counts. I've found that this stuff is really quite filling and although it says 4 servings, it's more like 6. I will use extra cabbage and I don't use nearly that much butter. I find a tablespoon or two is more than enough (didn't realize it actually says to use 1/3 pound -- that's expensive and crazy)
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I''m in today! So far just iced coffee, and I'm going to have some broth for 'lunch.' I'm going to try to have nothing for dinner, or maybe just more broth. I added some ginger and lemon to the broth and it's delicious, and I think the salt helps me feel better. I have to remember to keep up the water, not just coffee!
Good luck!
Broth is a great help on fast days! I'm sure it's the salt. :-) Good luck to you too!
It is my fast day as well . I had a Atkins shake at lunch and some broth for supper . I probably could have went with a 0 calorie day but I am going to fast alternative days this week and try to get in 4 fasts as holidays are coming up soon and I know that it will be tough . I had 277 calories , and I feel good ! :smile:
I've also been fasting all day. I had nothing to eat until 7pm when I had a stir fry with lean, lamb steaks, lots of vegetables and wholegrain basmati rice. It was delicious! :smile:

I have been washing, ironing and packing all day and all evening and this will be my last fast for a while. I'll report in and let you know the damage to my weight when I return from my holiday in mid-August. I won't be able to attack my predicted weight gain when I return because we are looking after the granddaughters for a couple of weeks while their parents move house from Belgium back to Oxfordshire, so it will be into September before I can settle down to lose my holiday 'bonus'!

Stay strong everyone and don't forget, 'Onwards and downwards' with that weight! :victory:
I hope you have a fantastic time @StowgateResident!!
closing out today happily. I managed to fast until 3:30pm. Then Dh and I had a small snack while I prepared dinner (way too hungry to focus on cooking).

I managed 13g carbs today (after subtracting fiber). So I'm quite pleased.
Well done, Tracieknits. You had a wonderful fast day, so you deserve to be pleased. You certainly are tackling the carb monster head one - and winning the battle! I weighed in this morning at 146 pounds - one pound below my target weight, so I am very happy to settle for that. :victory:

Thank you for your good wishes for my holiday. It will lovely to see my great niece married in British Columbia. I just hope that the wildfires raging in the Okanagan valley keep away from her home at the vineyard, which is also where she is marrying! Fingers crossed!

Signing off for now. Best wishes all! Keep up the good work!
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