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Good morning campers.
I’m in for a long one today. Been awol and feel the need to pop in a fast today. Happy to return to this lovely forum and get chatting again.
How is everyone?
Hope your day went well @carieoates, Good to see you!

I need to get back into a good 5:2 routine, I’ve been very lax the last 6 months and it shows. Just back from a wonderful trip to Tokyo, so now is the time I need to get serious. Planning my first day back for Wednesday.
Freezing day in Melbourne today....well cold for us. About 12 C
Lovely to hear from you both, @carieoates and @MerryMelb. I should have been fasting today but feel absolutely shattered and couldn't face the day without more carbs than I allow myself on a fast day, so I re-scheduled for tomorrow! Love this WOL. Good luck to those who are fasting today though. :clover: :clover:

I have had a busy couple of weeks and I think that is why I am feeling so tired now. :sleepy: I have been popping in to read other people's posts but not really had time to write any. I came back from our cruise on May 25th eight pounds heavier than when I went (and then I was carrying four pounds more than my target weight!). :shock: :cry: The good news is that with a couple of fasts a week and more mindful eating on my non-fast days, eight days later the eight pounds were gone! :victory: it must have been basically fluid to have gone so fast but it has made me feel a lot more positive. :smile:

Since then I have been fasting a couple of times a week to try and reduce the extra four pounds over target and when I weighed yesterday I had just got back to my 'wiggle room' weight of 149 pounds. Two pounds to go until back to target, so that should be possible - except that I am away for the next two weekends! Never mind, I don't have a fixed date in mind so I shall just keep going until I am back where I want to be. 147 pounds - here I come!
Done well here thanks.
Had a massive salad for lunch as I was hungry and been out with the dog for and hour. Then I went to my regular exercise class this evening so had a prawn stir fry, well, onions, prawns and greens. Finished with few berries and rhubarb with a splash of ff Greek yoghurt.
Now for my seedlip and fever tree and to cry watching the footie.
carieoates wrote: Now for my seedlip and fever tree and to cry watching the footie.

I have no idea what any of these things mean!! :lol:
My thoughts exactly! A working example of two countries separated by a common language.

an alcoholic drink ... something died(!?) or tonic water ... and her fav' team is losing... ?
I don't think her favourite team lost - England won 2-1 yay !!!
Based on a quick internet search, seedlip is a non-alcoholic drink, and the reference I found to "seedlip and fever tree" was on Tripadvisor as a tonic found at a particular restaurant.
Wait - @ADFnFuel - are you in the U.S. too?????
Ooops sorry to bring such confusion. Seedlip is a non alcoholic gin type beverage available in several flavours, and fever tree is a very nice tonic to have with either regular gin or on its own or other beverages.
How lovely to see my ole buddy on here! How did your fast go Oatesy?!!

Bean :heart:
Sorry, I need to sort my notifications as I didn’t see your reply. Im Fine, and it went well. But I need to start planning my meals better as I’ve got used to skipping breakfast , having a bigger lunch and a moderate dinner. I’m not having many carbs In general anymore. It’s liem a 16.8 low carb version.
Ooh yes! Low carb is DEFINITELY the way to go!! :wink:
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