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I have been fasting today, though have had a boiled egg and a couple of Brazil nuts to get me through, as I have felt hungry all afternoon. (Didn't feel hungry at all in the morning, but that was no doubt because I ate so much yesterday...) Not sure how I will go limiting my cals tonight...

Will there be other Monday fasters? It is a public holiday here, but I don't think this is the case in the US, not sure about the UK.

Best wishes to all, anyway! :clover: :smile:
Hi @Sassy1! I guess your fast day has nearly come to a close. How did you cope in the end with the hunger pangs?!

Yes, its a Bank Holiday here in the UK. I managed to do a fast yesterday - Easter Sunday(!) so I'm looking forward to my cauliflower cheese for lunch today - it has to be one of my FAVOURITE meals - and is very low carb!! :wink:

Hope you made it through your fast without going TOO high in the calorie department!! :lol:

Bean :heart:
It is my first full day of fasting. Only 9am here. Just hoping to make it through the day. Hoping that fasting will make a difference in my life. I need to lose 4.5 stone. I plan on trying this on Mon, Wed and Friday. I think you are doing great! We can do this!
I have been fasting today and have still eaten nothing despite it being 18.20. We are out and about and our planned meal will take 55 minutes to cook from when we get home at 18.45. I’m not sure that I can wait that long and am very tempted to call into a pub for s meal on the way home! The problem is whether I can choose something sensible and avoid wine and dessert or whether I will stuff myself silly and have to fast again tomorro!
I think we better get on home and I’ll see if I can find anything suitable for a fast day but quicker to cook!
Hope everyone’s fast day has been a good one! Mine is still in the balance! :smile:
Thanks for your support @Nursebean :smile: I did eat more than I hoped, but much less than I would have if I hadn't fasted (more or less!) during the day, so that was something. Good for you fasting on Easter Sunday. Hope you enjoyed your cauliflower cheese - such an English dish!

Hope your day went well @Stowgateresident. I understand the temptation to purchase dinner when you have been out rather than have to prepare a meal once you get home... Hope you were happy with whatever you ended up doing. :smile:
Thanks, @Sassy1, I decided to wait it out until we got home, which was the better of the two options for a fast day. I probably ended up on about 450 calories and didn’t even have my late night hot chocolate because I was still full! So, a good day and it needed to be because I have my daughter and granddaughter coming to stay on Saturday so that will mean no fasting for the week they are here and then only four weeks to get down to target weight before we are off on our cruise.
I don’t think it matters too much if you eat slightly over your calorie allowance on a fast day. Any calorie deficit is a win in my opinion!
Oh wow! @StowgateResident that is just brilliant! Well done for swerving the tempting meal out scenario - and you didn't even get up to 500 cals! Well done!!

Bean :heart:
Hi @callilily13

Your post only just appeared, as it takes the site administrators a while to approve new members, so we nearly missed seeing it...Sorry!

How did your fast day go? Hope you have now read the LEARN pages so have found out a lot more about fasting,

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your eating challenges. Perhaps rather than think about the total weight you want to lose, set yourself an initial target of 10% of your current weight. Then once you achieve that, go for a further 10%, and so on,

Good luck and best wishes :clover: :smile:
Hey everyone,

Just starting my IF a week ago. Going 4:3. So far so good. On my fasting days I did have a little bit of a vegetable dish, but that was it. I am 40, 5'9" and started at 239lbs. Initial goal is to get down to 215lbs. Trying to get down to about 170lbs. Weighed in at 234 this morning after the weekend, but I am sure a lot of the loss was water weight. So far I feel pretty good about IF. I don't have many problems until I get home from work and that is when I tend to get bored and want to eat dinner with my husband. I have not started exercising yet, but maybe in another week. Unsweetened seltzer is helping when I feel like I have to eat.

Happy to see all the people doing IF on here. It helps to have some support. Luckily, I have good support at home. I am really surprised how good I feel on fasting days!
Good to hear from you again @callilily13!

Sounds like fasting is going well for you. :smile: Many people experience feeling good on fasting days, a real bonus - as well as often on the day after, when you feel the benefit of not having a full tummy. :razz:

Great to hear you have good support at home. Support here is not quite what it once was, but usually someone will reply to all posts. Best wishes! :clover:
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