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Well, I am trying for my second "proper" fast day for the week. First one went well. Motivation is still high to stick with 5:2 (due to various factors) though it is VERY early days...

It is early afternoon and yesterday I made a batch of some chicken stock, with cabbage, celery and zucchini, which I will turn to if I can't last til dinner time. I had a busy morning, which was great, but no formal commitments this afternoon, though I do have a few things in mind to keep me busy. It was a cold morning, but the weather is brightening up now, so some time in the garden is always worthwhile and a great distractor. I also want to book our holiday accommodation, as the trip is less than 2 weeks away. And more singing practice - several community choirs are combining to perform the Mendolssohn "Elijah" in English , and the work is reasonably challenging (thank goodness we aren't singing in German).

Will there be any other Thursday fasters? :clover: :smile:
Hi Sassy! I hope the rest of your day went well!

I'm going to try to fast today. Yesterday I ate a KIND bar and had an allergic reaction to something in it (the soy perhaps??) and so I didn't really eat dinner. It threw my whole schedule off, since I usually get a nice salad and go to Starbucks on Weds. nights. Instead I kind of rushed home and then laid down for most of the evening. I did end up having a snack later in the evening. I'm not actually hungry, so I'm going to try to hold off for my banana and peanut butter and then reschedule my salad and prep night to tonight!
Yes Sassy, I am with you in fasting. Though you told me not to fast, but here I am. You know, I had those two week ends when I ate normally, so I tried that. And now I am struggling with the extra weight. In the 67 kg range at the moment. Sigh! :razz: Well here is wishing you all the best in your attempts to fast :clover: :clover: :clover: It is nice to have company. and thank YOU SO MUCH FOR STARTING THE PAGE. Those capital letters were unintentional :dazed: The autumn weather here is awful. It has been raining the whole day. Here in Southern Finland we've had motorways flooding - very unusual. But it has rained so much. We went for our morning walk regardless :smile: Good luck :clover: :clover: :clover:
Almost my bedtime and I have managed another "proper" fast. :smile: :smile: :smile: I have been lucky and not felt real hunger all day, which has helped me resist giving in to some evening munchies, much as I thought I would like them.

@Cblasz, your reaction to the KIND bar sounds very unpleasant. Have you googled to see if others have had similar responses? Hope you are feeling fully recovered and able to follow your eating plan.

Dear @Margotsylvia, I hope I never actually "told" you to do anything!! :oops: I do intend to only make suggestions - eg if you are finding fasting difficult, then a break may help. Totally your decision whether you do that or not. But I hope you don't mind me saying that if you are eating normally and putting on weight, then you do need to consider changing what is "normal" eating so that you eat sufficient to maintain, not gain. Again, only a suggestion! And I hope you manage your fast okay. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Off to bed for me now, and not another fast day planned until Tuesday. Nice thought! :razz:
Yes, Sassy! I did a ton of research. I do have other food allergies (2 kinds, once with fruits that make my lips/mouth itch and another with avocados that upset my stomach) and this one was both kinds in one!! So, lots of fun. I believe that it may have been the cashews. I had eaten a different KIND bar a few weeks ago and was fine, so I compared the ingredients and that is one of the differences. Also there's a trail mix that I eat that does not have cashews. So, someday when I have nowhere to be and nothing important to do, I will try a KIND bar again that does not have cashews and see how it goes!!

I am feeling better today. I did just eat my banana, but I will try to make it until tonight for my salad. (I really don't have much choice as I don't have any other food here with me!)

Off for a quick walk!
Hi @cblasz

Cashews are a FODMAP food, so if your reaction was gastric, that could be a factor. Avocados are also a FODMAP food.... Bananas aren't, though if they are very ripe they may cause problems.

Hope the rest of your day is going well and you enjoyed your salad. It is now Friday morning for me - no rush to have brekkie tho, will put that off until I feel hungry.

:clover: :smile:
I'm fine with most foods and have no problems with bananas. I'm not sure if it's because they are FODMAP foods or not, just that those 2 foods cause a reaction and not a mild one. There's no question of avoiding them, because the reaction is so bad.
Just thought it might be something to look into! :smile:
Sassy1 wrote: Just thought it might be something to look into! :smile:

Thanks! I think it's just an allergy. It is not an uncommon one and the KIND bar even lists cashews as a possible allergen contained in it. So, I will just avoid them from now on, which I guess shouldn't be too much of an issue, since clearly they are not a main part of my diet, since it took me this long to find out I'm allergic to them! :grin:
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