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Hi everyone!

Well, I can't remember the last time I was on here but I am actually going to do a fast today - woohoo!! I'm hoping that my friends Candy and Phyl are also going to pop in some time today. Anyone else joining us?!!

By the way, has anyone got a 'go-to' fasting meal that they enjoy on a fast day they could recommend? I'm saving all my 500 cals until tonight - here goes...

Bean xxxx :smile: :starving:
Morning all. I'm in as well, doing my usual method of just seeing how I go and then eating semi-normally tonight. I have a pilates class at lunchtime, and may even try a short run before dinner.

My method of sticking to 600 usually involves lots of vegetables on the rare occasions when I do it, often with a soup.

Good luck to anyone joining us today. :clover:
Hiiiiiii @nursebean and @egduf
Im fasting too today for first time in will seem very strangE as ive got very used to no brekky,then a brunch around noon. But hey we've done this a million times before so it will be ok!
Funny, i typed in FATSDAY instead of fastday!
Good day everyone and happy fasting! XXX
Haha Fatsday eh? @CandiceMarie - very amusing! Have you reminded everyone on here at the extraordinary success you've had? You are such an inspiration Candy!
Lovely to hear from you too @Egduf - you sound super fit with your pilates and running. I guess you've bean fasting for some time now haven't you?
My fast is going well so far. I actually managed to persuade my dog, Minnie, to go for a walk today. And it was beautiful out! The sun was shining, birds were twittering and watching my little girl running and chasing squirrels was a wondrous sight!

Hope to start eating around 6 tonight. I must say I'm rather looking forward to it now!!

Bean :smile:
Well hello to all of you! It's lovely to hear from old fasting friends, @CandiceMarie, @Egduf and @nursebean! It has been very dull around here without you so I was very pleased to pop in today and see posts from all of you. :smile: I'm fasting today too so just filling in a few minutes until the next stage in the dinner preparation.

In answer to the question regarding 'go to' meals on fasting days, I don't really have a specific meal but I always make sure that it does not resemble a 'diet' meal, so I eat some protein - often fish or chicken, lots of vegetables and only three tiny new potatoes or sometimes a stir-fry. I try to keep sauces/gravy to a minimum and I always allow myself some fruit and yoghurt for dessert.

This is only my third week back after the very extended Christmas cruise, new year family 'do' and then several weeks of just plain greed! That resulted in about ten pounds to lose and as of last Sunday, I ad lost about four of them, so happy at the moment with the weight loss.

I hope that all three of you are keeping well. You must catch us up on your recent adventures when you have time!
STOWY! @StowgateResident soo good to see you! I was thinking of you at Chrimbo and hoping you were enjoying yr cruise.
Doesnt matter about the weight gain,you know what to do now and youre doing it! :like: :like: :like:
I hope day has gone well for the thursday fasters! Dindin time for me niw..always the best bit of a fasting day hehe!
A big hug to all the old fasting crowd and to the new crowd too! XXXX
Well the fasting day is over - and it went VERY WELL indeed!! Especially hearing from you @StowgateResident! It sounds as though you had a super cruise - I expect it was hard getting back to reality wasn't it!! At least you know what to do now to lose those last few pounds. You sound as though you've got your fast days down to a fine art - well done!!

How did your day go Candy? Did you enjoy your tea? And Phyl? Did it go well?

Right, I'm off to bed. Hope to chat again soon.

Bean :heart: :smile: :sleepy:
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