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Hi everyone! I'm back from my self-imposed exile from you all! I have actually gained weight since my return from my Christmas cruise, having already gained during it - that is not good but my head has not been in the right place so hopefully this week is not another false start. :frown:

It is five years since I joined this forum and started the 5:2 WOL. Although I have had times when I have regained some of my weight I have never returned to my original starting weight of 170 pounds - unlike my 50 years of calorie counted diets which always led me back to being over 12 stone! :cry:

I weighed in on Sunday at 156 3 pounds so nine pounds to lose before I am back to my target of 147 pounds. I am trying to increase my exercise but unfortunately have picked up a cold which has given me a very sore throat and taken away my voice and any desire to exercise! I am rather disappointed that it hasn't also taken away my appetite but, sadly, nothing ever does -
so that's not helping much!

Anyway, fasting today in the hope of getting going again. Good luck to anyone else joining me. Onwards and downwards! :victory:
Always lovely to hear from you, Val. :smile: Hopefully you will get back into the fasting routine and lose the gained pounds, as you always have. Don't worry about not being able to exercise for the moment - better not to exercise too much while you have a cold, but eating nutritiously is important (isn't the saying "feed a cold, starve a fever"?!).

I am not sure where I am with fasting. I had been motivated to get back into twice weekly fasts, but I seem to have lost that... Also, I am doing quite a bit of exercise in preparation for hopefully doing a 6-day cycle ride, and feel that going without food when I feel hungry may not be optimal for my body. So I am really trying to eat according to hunger and making good food choices. Which has always been my aim, but in the past I have only been able to stick to this for a few days. Based on the famous Einstein quote that someone mentioned in a post a while ago, my issue is finding something to change if I want a change to occur. I am hoping that having a clear goal of being in good condition for the bike ride, and for my overseas trip later in the year, may be enough of a "change"... :confused: :razz:

Hope your fast went well! :clover:
Thanks for the welcome back, @Sassy1. I’m sorry that you have found keeping up the fasting difficult but you may get back to it when conditions are right. I admire you for eating according to hunger but if I were to try that I’m not sure that I would be able to distinguish between real hunger and the temporary hunger pangs that go away if you ignore them, so well done to you!

Today has been fine, although it’s not over yet, but I’m sure that I will make it to bedtime. Unusually for me, I had to eat a banana at about 2.30 pm because I was feeling a little sick but perhaps I just needed a few more calories than usual because of my cold.

Anyway, I also fasted on Tuesday so that’s my two fasts for the week over and done with. Now I just have to keep the other days light before I fast again next Monday.

I hope that anyone else fasting today had a successful day! Stay strong!
Hope your fast day finished as you hoped and that the rest of the week is keeping to plan. :smile: I think that eating the banana was sensible!

Re eating according to hunger, that is my plan and hope, not something I can do all the time. Well, I am generally fine during the day, but as you probably have picked up, it is the evenings that are difficult and where I find it hard to distinguish genuine hunger from just the habit of eating. But I shall keeping trying. :razz:
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