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Here we go again. So far happy with the results, although I'm getting a bit impatient. Soup and yoghurt, what's new? Nice day to you all.
I hope your day is going well @Josie50 [incompatible emoji removed]
What are your preferences for the type of soup and yogurt for your fast days?
Glad it is working for you! :clover:
Yoghurt: Greek semi-skimmed (fat content 2%); Soup: varies - pumpkin and carrot soup, lentil soup, veggie soup, cauliflower soup etc. Depending on which veggies are on the verge of going off and therefore need eating asap. There are loads of soup recipes on the net, try for example BBC good food, here:
I'm in today! I need it after a weekend away which involved a huge meal in a Chinese restaurant, a brunch at my granddaughter's new boarding school and many other unnecessary food items! It was lovely to see her though and great to hear how much she is enjoying herself. She is only just nine year's old, so it's a big step for her but she is having a lovely time, with no hint of homesickness. The food seems good and there are lots of healthy options on the menu for the children. The enormous bap with two sausages that I chose for brunch was probably not such a healthy option but at least I didn't also eat breakfast - unlike my husband! :pig2: :pig2: :pig2:

I have only had mugs of black, de-caff tea all day so It will soon be time to think about an early dinner. :starving: I defrosted a mystery package from the freezer overnight, having no idea what was in it! Fortunately, it seems to be some sort of ratatouille so that will make a good basis for a relatively low-cal meal.

I hope that anyone fasting today is having an easy one and staying strong! Good luck for the rest of the day!
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