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Hi @orchid and welcome (not sure if I have welcomed you elsewhere??).

There has been a lot written in this forum about managing nfds, so do have a read around and check out the LEARN pages. As expected, people manage these days in different ways. Some eat exactly the same as they did before starting 5:2, but most look to make some changes. Low carb / high fat is a popular choice, and certainly avoiding white foods and added sugar products throughout the day might help reduce the hunger in the evening. Eat mainly whole foods, especially veggies, and good sources of protein and fat. Find activities to distract you during the evening - eg, as mentioned above, find things to occupy your hands. If you are genuinely hungry, perhaps try having a few nuts or some cheese.

What do you think your average daily calorie requirement is? Is it 1800cal, or more? If it is a lot more, then keeping to under 1800 may be difficult.

Time may also help with reducing the hunger feelings on nfds. But if genuine hunger is persistent, it may be worth taking a week off from fasting, before returning to it.

Good luck and best wishes, and keep us posted on your experiences. :clover: :smile:
Welcome @Orchid!

@Sassy1 gave you some great advice. We all seem to learn our best ways of coping with non fast days, which really sometimes are much harder than fast days!

I almost never eat before noon anymore. My endocrinologist says my typical breakfast of two espressos with 1 tablespoon of cream in each is "perfect". I have one as soon as I wake, another about an hour later, then I switch to tea (black, green or herbal, with nothing added), water or selter/sparkling water. Sassy1 - this is a favorite ... ousse-rose but I usually buy one made locally because it's a lot cheaper and doesn't entail shipping across an ocean.

As for treats, yes I totally love them. But if I'm going to have one I try to think of two things (1) am I really enjoying it? Judge each bite. Is it wonderful and 'worth it'? (2) watch the portion. Sometimes, the first 1 to 3 bites is fantastic, then the treat starts to lose its appeal. If so, stop. Some things don't lose their appeal, so I portion them out carefully. I have small ramekins that hold 1/2 cup (~120ml) and so I'll portion my favorite ice cream into one of those. Or I will weigh out my favorite crisps to exactly the right number of grams. (crisps/chips and champagne is one of my favorite treats) I keep the bright pink food scale in a prominent place on my white kitchen counters when I'm behaving. Why do I allow myself to put it away? That inevitably precedes a fall from grace LOL

@Sassy1 I know just what you mean about feeling great after a fast day. So why can't I remember that feeling when I'm about to blow it??
btw, Sassy -- that's awesome others are noticing your hard work!!
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