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Re: Lenten fasting
25 Mar 2019, 10:23
After a couple of waffles and a dinner my weight this morning was 59 kg. That is much better than what I feared! :grin:
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Re: Lenten fasting
28 Mar 2019, 10:15
I think I have now lost about three kilos. This morning's weight was 59. Trying desperately to get back to the 58s. :neutral:
Re: Lenten fasting
29 Mar 2019, 10:19
I had absolutely no supper yesterday, and my weight was 58.9 kg. Why is the weight loss so slow? :frown:
Re: Lenten fasting
30 Mar 2019, 10:22
Again no supper tonight, see what happens.
Re: Lenten fasting
01 Apr 2019, 09:24
I seem to be stuck at 59 kg, whether I eat nothing or eat a lot. Always the same figure. sigh! :frown:
Re: Lenten fasting
08 Apr 2019, 09:08
I am still here. fasting every day. My latest weight 58.1 kg. :smile:
Re: Lenten fasting
11 Apr 2019, 09:24
Yet fasting. Weight: 57.8 kg. :smile:
Re: Lenten fasting
14 Apr 2019, 10:11
my weight today: 57.5 kg. :smile:
Re: Lenten fasting
16 Apr 2019, 15:58
I am actually new here. So I'm in the very beginning. Just 2.5 weeks of fasting. Last Wednesday was the first day doing it properly.
Keep up the good work!
Re: Lenten fasting
22 Apr 2019, 09:18
Lent is over now. The day I wrote 57.5 kg I went out for a walk and began to feel really dizzy. Had to sit down for a while. That scared me and I didn't fast so much after that. I am eating again now since Lent is over.
Re: Lenten fasting
14 May 2019, 08:03
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