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Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:23
Well done @azureblue. Long overdue. Liking being called raw kraken (crackers?), although I agree it should be an orangery....

My tip. Start at 50g a day or less.
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:25
Can I join in please?

I have just read the book Wheat Belly and I am sure I am addicted to wheat, which means carbs!!!

Has anybody else read this book?

And as I have diabetes2 lowering the carbs can only be a good thing together. :like: :like:

I would like to be between 70g - 90g.

cheers Maggie :smile: :smile:
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:27
Can I come in too please? I bought several books over Christmas; two by Rose Elliott for veggie low carbers and I've been working my way through them. I initially hoped it would help my husband but I'm not sure he'll eat the alternatives as his diet mostly consists of carbs. Any way I'm going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:29
And do t forget the grain brain thread.....
Sorry still can't work out how to paste from iPad
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:32
Instead of a tent, I think we should be glamping!
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:33
Karen, as an 'old hand' at low carbing would you say in your experience that it is easier to go veggie or better to stick to a carnivorous diet if trying to reduce carbs? Probably a stupid question but just wondered if there was any advantage to either. I'm not a vegetarian although I probably eat a veggie diet 50% of the time so either would be fine for me.
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:41
@rawkaren gonna take your tip for 50g or less..I feel i ready to move along the low carb high fat path
Long as i can have red meat..i crave it so much since IF,all my teeth have turned into pointed fangs :razz:
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:44
As Wildmissus said, this is a popular topic! And, as with Silverdarling, the bad carb fairy whisked away a post of mine. :bugeyes:

Although I love veggies and eat a ton of them, I couldn't ever go vegetarian (and most certainly not vegan)! When push comes to shove, I crave protein. It is what satisfies me. Years ago, I knew this young guy that was working in a resort kitchen prepping at night. He was trying to go vegetarian and had been doing it for a few weeks. One night he was slicing rare roast beef and suddenly started stuffing it into his mouth. He couldn't stop himself! That would be me. :starving: That being said, I can't do straight low-carb either. I gotta mix it up!
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:49
@azureblue well done, I am in here too please as I need help to get my head around what 50 -100 gms carbs look like

Am part the way there already gave up cereal in a box years ago and have seedy mix and fruit and yoghurt a couple of times a week. White potatoes have been replaced. Working on wheat to be gone as am listening to 'Grain Brain' on CD and have thrown all wheat out of my pantry in way of flours and am replacing them with gluten free products slowly. Making baked goodies from scratch too will help. Sugar well my tastes are changing and it will be a work in progress.

Recommend FatDog's low carb bread recipe as an alternative, it looks different much smaller flatter but the taste toasted with topping of cheese avocado and a spritz of lime yesterday was heavenly.

It's the fatigue as mentioned by @bordergirl that I am most worried about at it hit me at Xmas and I had to resort to eating bread to whack my energy back up. So that won't do if that is what I have to periodically do. Am hoping for answers ... Is it solved by biotin or is more at play or my protein too low
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 21:55
Well! I go away for FIVE MINUTES to have a look at the My Fitness Pal thingy that I signed up for 6 months ago - and what happens???? The party gets on and starts without me :curse: :wink:

Anyway - I found out that I'd only consumed 105g carbs today - and 41 of those were the slices of TOAST and honey I had, all down to @PennyForthem :victory:

I too could not go vegy so I am with @bordergirl and @candicemarie on this one ... Think I may be having quite a lot of steak and salad, chicken and veg concoctions ...

@Carorees said in the other thread that she aims for about 100g a day, with one extra low carb day a week, so this is what I will aim for ... It's good that we have a variety of approaches, as we'll all have results to compare ...

I nominate @Fatdog as the QUEEN BEE of this thread ...

And I'm going to add a little *whisper* (shhh!) to all those seeking out the Celia Brooks Brown book ......

Try your local library service for God's sake!
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 22:08
Oh What a shout @Silverdarling LOL , CBB not likely in Aussie library but it's on my list for my next library visit, thanks for the heads up
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 22:09
AnnieW wrote: I'm in too please. Haven't checked my carb intake but I think it is very variable. I'm maintaining as I'm happy with my weight, lowest for many years - and lower than my original target, but I would still like to lose some belly fat so all tips gratefully received. Just checked CBB's books and the one Fat Dog likes (now out of print) Low Carb Vegetarian is showing 1 under offer at £530.05 so looks like I'll be doing without that one!

Fast day tomorrow, so it will be low carb.

@AnnieW and others - Just checked Celia Brooks' website and there is to be a new and updated version of the Low Carb Veg book out this month

:victory: :cool: :victory: :cool:
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 22:15
Stone the crows fasters! I pop out for my Sherlock fix and you all get on it like a bonnet!
This tent is actually a disguised Palace of Wonderfulness, sort of glamping with style if you will.
Right. So. Do we need a plan?
Fatdog? Raw kraken? [for goodness sake, predictive text! her name is rawkaren]
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 22:17
And have just checked the NSW public library catalogue @gillymary and you're right, they don't have her, but hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on the newly published updated edition :smile: which she says is also now gluten-free :victory:
Re: 2014 Low Carbers Tent
05 Jan 2014, 22:40
I'm in please. Have LCed seriously years ago, and tried half-heartedly last year, but this year I'm serious. Have been recording everything on MFP, and been under 50g carbs daily (since Thursday!)

Today was ham and scrambled eggs for brunch with toms and mushrooms , and salmon with buttery leeks and peas for dinner with dressed green salad. Pre dinner nibbles of goats cheese and marinated peppers.

Loved every mouthful. But it will be much harder when I'm back out in the world tomoz.
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