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Sallyo wrote: I am stuck with a knitting project. It is my 3rd attempt to knit a Little Red Riding Hood for my 8 year old grand daughter. The first one was abandoned because I had the wrong ply wool for the pattern. The 2nd was completed but was too small by the time it was. In the 3rd one, I am up to picking up the stitches on the front edges. It says so many stitches and I'm half way up and have far too many stitches. I think I'll have to pull out all the stitches I've picked up and try and work it out more mathematically. I am battling my desire to abandon #3 and start knitting some baby outfit for my neighbour's baby which isn't due until June.

It might not matter a whole lot how many you pick up. Is it a button band or just trim? To many stitches will make it kind of like a ruffle, which might actually end up pretty. A good rule of thumb for picking them up going vertically up is pick up three stitches for every four rows.
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Feeling excited because the wool I ordered for knitting my cowl has just arrived but so have my next two additions of the Art of Knitting with more free wool, to knit squares for the throw, bamboo knitting needles & wool & a pattern to knit a purple beanie hat that will go well with my newish purple winter coat. There is a pattern for a chunky offset rib knitted scarf that I think I will make instead of the cowl because I already have one of those. The wool I have chosen is cerise pink that will also complement my winter coat. But first another stitch to learn knitting a square in "little ladders stich" that I have never heard of but which eems to be a variation of moss stitch. The wool is a yucky lime/apple green colour that I would never choose but it is free & no doubt will get lost amongst all the other bright colours that will be in the completed throw. The next square will be learning to knit in stripes carrying three different colours! Well it keeps me busy & out of the kitchen :grin:
That throw sounds like a super fun project!

And I can't wait to see your scarf :-) Cherry pink sounds very pretty
For anyone with a little one in their life:


Aw heck, I don't even have a little one in my life, but I still want to make them!
I have finished knitting my first beany hat in double rib stitch. It fits & looks very good so I'm really pleased with myself. I will try to take a photo to post!
Congratulations! It feels good to finish things, doesn't it?
I'm currently on a knitting break as my thumb was aching. I'm hoping to finish my pink sweater next week or while I'm visiting the inlaws. Who knew you could have a knitting injury? LOL The doctor called it "overuse syndrome"
I do lots of crafts, most of them involve sitting at a table. I can't knit but when I was a teenager I taught myself the basics of crocheting - double and treble stitch. I was looking for something to do whilst sitting on the couch half watching the tv in the evening so I went onto youtube and wow, what a difference technology makes to being able to crochet. I have now started a holey jumper and my daughter is in the middle of making an amigurumi walrus! Ravelry is brilliant with so many ideas and free patterns. Best of all is that I can't eat while crocheting.
u-tube is great for learning knitting too. just search for the cryptic knitting pattern instruction and up comes a wonderful tutorial on how to do it. I made a lacey cardigan for my grand daughter recently and i couldn't have done it without u-tube! I'm on knitting break too- sore paw.
Hi knit chicks, you are starting to give me itchy fingers. I have an unfinished project and for some reason I could not bring myself to continue over this whole winter season and normally this is when I HAVE TO KNIT.

I know of course why: It is because I can't stick to instructions. Generally I tend to knit not so complicated jumpers without instructions, do my calculations and generally use a jumper that fits well for a pattern. I find instruction reading too boring (and a nuisance whilst watching TV) but last year I found a really nice jumper pattern in a magazine and started it with left over wool from a jumper I made for my husband two years ago. But alas I didn't stick to the pattern 100% and decreased at the waist so that it would have a bit of a shape and now I have to constantly count and compare with the front part as I can't remember (yes, I should write everything down) what I did last October when I knitted the back. It is very strange sometimes I go through phases and I knit like an obsessed woman for days on end until 2am in the morning and then all of a sudden I don't feel like knitting and won't do any some time. But I only have to finish the back and sew it together. I must get on with it.

Well I think I will continue now seeing that Isis has completed her project. Thanks for giving me the itch.
I know exactly what you mean. I'm completely all or nothing when it comes to knitting. And I think we've all learned the hard way to write down what we're doing when we mod a pattern!!! Good luck figuring it out :-)
Happy Easter chicks with sticks and happy hookers. Here is one of my chicks I knitted last Easter for each of my children (ahem all grown up) :lol:
IMG_0205.JPG (24.65 KiB) Viewed 453 times
That's adorable!! I used to teach children how to knit bunnies for Easter. Basically you knit a 4" square. You sew up the four corners about 1 inch as the four legs. Then you stitch a head out of the area between the two front legs, kind of gathering a U shape. You add a small pompom between the two back legs, stuff it and sew up the belly. Then you add ears to the top of the head :-)
@Tracieknits that sounds lovely, too. I have only ever done jumpers for myself and last year I did a few of smaller projects. I regret not having done this before. I also knitted a few baby cardies and a little doll - how wonderful to get things finished in a weekend or a week.
THis isn't the bunny I used to knit, but this looks quick and easy: ... d-bunnies/

This looks like it:
@tracieknits thanks for the link. I love the fact it is just knitted from a square. I think I have some brown and pink wool in my stash and try this out for a bit of extra Easter decoration. Thank you so much.

Btw I have taken up my knitting again and added a few inches. I can only knit in the evening as I work full time and I stop myself knitting at ten pm. Often when I seem to do just that little bit more until very late, I often have to unravel because of mistakes.
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