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Since more people have been chatting about knitting lately, I thought I'd bang up a "Chicks with Sticks" tent - men are certainly welcome to join us.

I'm on Ravelry as Tillywinkle - I just started really using it and I'm kind of kicking myself for not using it properly before now. It's really great. I've even logged the best bits of my yarn stash in it.

So what are you knitting lately? Have anything you're stuck on? Anything you're particularly proud of?

I'm working on a custom fit cardigan right now. It's this website where you enter your measurements and your yarn swatch gauge and it spits out a tailored pattern. This is the one I made last month: ... 9019978752

The one I'm working on now is black and will be a crew neck. I'm just trying to decide how low cut it will be :-)
I've just knitted a monkey and need to sew it together but am waiting until next week when the kids go back and I can do it in peace without interruptions. I am trying to teach myself how to crochet a granny square but mine looks nothing like the one the lovely lady makes on you tube.
I have to admit, my granny squares look awful too. I don't know why I can't seem to get that one as nice as the ladies on YouTube
I've been inspired to pick up my needles again and recommence the sock I had cast on about...oooh...6 months ago? :oops:
Very nice!! I love those colors together Caro!
Not quite knitting but my son is getting married in August and they want to decorate the hall with pom poms so that is my latest wool based activity. I have found the cheapest way to buy wool is to buy second hand jumpers and unravel them - gives nice boucle effect pom poms too!
Love Ravelry! On it so much, I sometimes forget to knit! I recently put all my stash up, and organized it too. 10 plastic bins with seals to keep out critters were purchased especially for housing it all. Now I need to use up my stash, as well as the weight. Now that I can see what I have available to use, I should be able to avoid buying all the pretties.
I can be found on Ravelry as hummingbirdtx.
Currently working on a WIP which has been awaiting completion for almost 4 years. I need to block it. It is called Modern Quilt Wrap. Ann in the first British Sewing Bee made and wore one too.
Great title Tracie! X :like:
Not sure I should be here as I have more or less abandoned crochet for cross stitch enMbroidery!
As mentioned in my previous posts I am learning again how to knit. I have subscribed to The Art of Knitting at the moment learning stitches knitting squares to make up into a multi coloured throw that I'm hoping my granddaughter when she arrives might like as her blanket when visiting! I am repeat knitting a square in chequerboard stitch that I made slightly too large before with not reading the pattern reverse instructions properly. But all good practice & I'm enjoying the rhythm of knitting. I have ordered wool to make a chunky snood that is knitted on 10mm needles in simple garter stitch but will give me the satisfaction of completing something.
I have seen people make throws from gauge swatches they make. It's extremely stretchy and the squares will accommodate each other even when they are not the same size, especially if you're using wool.

A friend of mine is making the snood from Outlander with extremely chunky yarn. :-)
Here's the lace border I'm doing in the front of my cardigan, on either side of the buttonband. I think I might finish the two fronts today (I work the fronts simultaneously so I don't forget what I'm doing and make them differently from each other). Then I'll stitch up the shoulders and sides, and pick up stitches around the armholes to knit the sleeves. I don't generally mind stitching up a sweater, except for the sleeves.

@Isis My boys had blankets when they were born hand knitted and we backed them with a soft material. It really helps keep the shape of the blanket.
I bought some lovely green wool today.
I am stuck with a knitting project. It is my 3rd attempt to knit a Little Red Riding Hood for my 8 year old grand daughter. The first one was abandoned because I had the wrong ply wool for the pattern. The 2nd was completed but was too small by the time it was. In the 3rd one, I am up to picking up the stitches on the front edges. It says so many stitches and I'm half way up and have far too many stitches. I think I'll have to pull out all the stitches I've picked up and try and work it out more mathematically. I am battling my desire to abandon #3 and start knitting some baby outfit for my neighbour's baby which isn't due until June.
I can't knit to save my life, I only knit holes. I used to crochet a lot, did some quite fine doily work.
Now I cross stitch.
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