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Re: Fastiversary Tent
24 Mar 2015, 02:23
Thanks, @Sallyo! That's such a nice thing to hear. I feel like such a train wreck most of the time, I can't imagine inspiring anyone.
Re: Fastiversary Tent
26 Mar 2015, 23:07
Happy Fastiversary to me! Two years today. :victory:
I'm several kilos lighter, and although this time last year I was putting it back on, the shout out I received in the autumn stopped my subsequent weight gain. I now weigh the same as a year ago and hope to maintain at about this weight. My main drive is fitness at the moment, and I'm finding my fitbit really helpful- I'm hooked!
Thank you for all the support! :heart:
Re: Fastiversary Tent
27 Mar 2015, 08:20
Yes, Happy Fastiversary to you @golarne and many happy steps. Have you just outed yourself as a maintainer?

:star: :star: :star: :rose: :rose: :cake:
Re: Fastiversary Tent
27 Mar 2015, 10:27
Well done @golarne! X
Re: Fastiversary Tent
27 Mar 2015, 16:36
Hello, I'm in catch up mode - happy 2nd anniversary @MaryAnn and @Golarne - many congratulations to you both what fabulous achievements. All the best for the year ahead too!

Re: Fastiversary Tent
09 Apr 2015, 08:05
Happy Fastiversary @sallyo and what a way to celebrate, signing up for a month of DODO! All the best with this, and your third year as a faster. :clover: :clover: :clover:
Re: Fastiversary Tent
10 Apr 2015, 13:13
Today I celebrate my 2nd Fastiversary. Cant believe it's been two years and like many others it all started with Dr Mosleys Horizon program. At that time I had already lost 25 lbs through excercise and overall improved eating but stalled out at 203 lbs. I wanted to lose another 20. When I viewed the program it just rang a bell for me and I was not only keen on the weight loss but the potential health benefits so it all made sense. I lost 30 lbs over time doing 5:2 and leveled off at 170 lb, the weight I am at today. I still follow the 5:2 plan with occasional skips for holidays and other life events. My labs all improved except Hgb which I runs a little low for me but in very good health. Here's to another year faster's ! And thanks to the FastDay people for maintining this site, it's very appreciated.
Re: Fastiversary Tent
10 Apr 2015, 19:16
Dear @Sallyo and @Brougham
Many congratulations to you both on your second anniversary and the coming year ahead. I'm a year behind you and watching closely. :wink: Loving this joint fastiversary thread exchange.
Yes, many thanks to@Moogie team and members for providing us a safe and happy space to be. And play :lol:
Re: Fastiversary Tent
23 Apr 2015, 20:15
Today is my first Fastiversary! and I'll be starting FastBeach tomorrow for 6 weeks; today's a light day, so...yippee! While I initially thought I'd have lost more by now based on early results, I'm still very happy to be holding on to a 26lb loss thus far, and am doing well with my light days. For FastBeach, I think my biggest challenge will be no beer.. :frown: But I'll live and not drinking for 6 weeks can only be good for me, eh?
Re: Fastiversary Tent
23 Apr 2015, 20:53
Well done all you brilliant Fastiversarians! :victory: :victory: xx
Re: Fastiversary Tent
23 Apr 2015, 21:57
Hi @ferretgal many congrats to you and welcome to your yippee first fastiversary, such a great milestone and fab accomplishment. :like: :victory: :smile:
I hoping you are celebrating your success in a very special way :smile:
Re: Fastiversary Tent
23 Apr 2015, 23:18
Congrats ferretgal!
Re: Fastiversary Tent
24 Apr 2015, 00:02
I have only just caught up with recent posts on this thread - congrats to @golarne, @MaryAnn, @Sallyo (was it your anniversary?), @ferretgal and @brougham on your fastiversaries (hope I didn't miss anyone) and @CandiceMarie too, back a while (that was as far back as I read!) :like:

My second anniversary in early April slipped by without me remembering, as I was on holiday. As some of you know, I reached goal a while ago, but struggle a little to keep the kilos creeping back. But the advice and ideas from this forum continue to be most useful, and I have learnt a lot about weight related issues. And I enjoy the camaraderie of this forum! :) :heart:

Best wishes to all. :)
Re: Fastiversary Tent
26 Apr 2015, 16:54
Today is my 2nd fastiversary. Now 9st 10lb - within my maintenance band (9st 7-11lb) and very pleased. I did it by doing straight 5:2 with 16:8. I still do 16:8 and don't eat breakfast. I do throw in the odd fast when needed, and it does seem to work. I still eat chocolate and cake! But I am at least 18lbs lighter than 2 years ago, and two dress sizes down. I have made a lot of new friends on the forum, and although I do not come on here as much as I used to, I like to keep in touch with what is going on. Congrats to everyone on this thread - and to everyone else - keep going, it does work, with patience and support from co-fasters.
Re: Fastiversary Tent
26 Apr 2015, 20:13
Congratulations to @Silverdarling and to @Sassy1 two years is an amazing achievement - it's so exciting to see so many entering year 3 and before we know it, it will be 4, 5.....
I hope you do something very special to mark your fastiversary birthdays. :victory:
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