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@Carorees, I am a biologist (all be it marine!) and the daughter of a 4th generation pharmacist, so I'm all for the science and very sceptical of alternative therapies. That said, I would also be wary of the money behind research for meds and remedies. Like @egregious said, sometimes a lot of money goes into researching the drugs, but little or nothing into a more natural/herbal/plant based remedy that may be more effective. Drugs in research tend to be compared with placebos, rather than alternatives already in existence.

TMI alert! Has anyone used ACV successfully for thrush/candida? I seem to have candida head to toe. For years! It flares up and receeds again, but never seems to be gone. I have had my immunity tested and been given several massive doses of fluconozole, with only temporary relief. Ive been miserable on the candida diet but only lasted a week. It was when I was once again looking up about thrush that I read that apple cider vinegar is more effective than fluconozole for getting rid of thrush. But the scientists/pharmacist in me was sceptical!

Meanwhile, I started taking ACV yesterday. I love vinegar, but doing shots is a bit much! Even watered down. I have noticed very little difference to appetite or bowls (but I have great bowels :grin: )the feminine itching has eased, though I am almost finished another tube of the cream, so that could either be really quick work for acv or a coincidence, as the canesten is working. Still have painful boobs (yip, you can get thrush there!) and my usual fungal feet. But, I wouldnt expect thrush to go within 48hrs of any treatment. Should I persevere with shots of vinegar? :puke:
Take it with raw honey. Aldi do one that's usually on offer at under 4 quid a jar, so you'll be getting the potential, alleged benefits from that too. Although the sugar may affect your candida. I think I read recently on someone's blog that raw honey doesn't have the same negative effect on candida as sugar, though that's just someone's anecdotal opinion so not sure.

I did used to get candida symptoms a lot and I've found ACV seems to help. I don't have issues anymore really, though of course that could be because of other factors.

Also forgot, I gave up drinking white wine pre ACV as it gave me reflux in the night. Horrid. We were having a BBQ and Himself brought me white instead of red wine forgetting that it didn't agree. This was post ACV. I drank the wine thinking I'd just have to have some milk if I suffered but no reflux and none since.

At the end of the day you have to make your own mind up about what to spend your money on, when it comes to these things - just go in with an open mind and don't expect miracles.
Thanks @egregious.
Funnily, I would take the vinegar quicker than honey! Never liked the stuff, even as a child. What does that say about me? I must be one big sour puss in need of sweetening up! Just dabbing vinegar on the tootsies before bed. Hope hubby doesnt come to bed soon or he will kick me out because if the smell. :doh:
Lol. :lol:
I've always hated honey on it's own, but cooked with food or baked I quite like. Also raw honey tastes loads better than the generic, pasteurised stuff. The aldi brand I can actually lick off the spoon, whereas normally it would make me gag. Mixed with the vinegar, it doesn't really have that strong honey taste that always made me think of bee poo. Failing that have it with a large cup of water and drink through a straw. I couldn't drink it neat, that would make my face implode :shock:
@scubachick, my daughter had terrible thrush when she was a baby, which she passed onto me through breastfeeding (or maybe it was me who gave it to her, who knows?) and we used a combo of coconut oil (used like a cream) and grapeseed oil in water to finally get rid of it (after trying many other things the doc prescribed.) Never heard about ACV for that but it's worth a try, maybe in conjunction with coconut oil which is going to be much kinder on your skin??
Thanks @nicky_94. My problem stems from bfing too. 4 years of bfing over last 8 years. We are just passing thrush over and back between me and kids now. Did you mean grapefruit seed extract? Tried drinking it, rubbing it on and putting it in the laundry with no results. Same with teatree oil and breadsoda. I also use really hot washes, regularly change tooth brushes and we all have our own towels. Is it the solid coconut oil? Not sure how that would rub into soft areas, do you melt it first?

Found out that the acv stings like crazy when I put it where I really shouldnt (torrent of fish & chips jokes being held back!). But I think its starting to work. Stinging has eased up today. Hard skin on tootsies is also looking a bit better, as is the red patches on face. (Ah, dont I sound only georgeous!)

I think I will need to give the avc a good 3 weeks, as standard with candida remedies. I am also feeling kinda caffine buzzy/ energised. I have got loads of stuff done this week that I have been putting off. Not entirely convinced its the avc, but its not doing me any harm. Guts/ bowels are great still.(I know ye were all wondering about that!)

@egregious, bee poo! That it it exactly :grin: I could never quite put my finger on it before.....em...not that I wanted to actually put my finger on bee poo....well, you know what I mean?
I don't get thrush anymore, Only if I have to take some antibiotics, have you tried natural yoghurt? Also it may be coincidental but massive TMI ALERT. I don't get it these days as I don't wear g-strings or things all the time.

I will fetch my coat, and quietly leave now.
Put the coat right back up on the peg again @carieoates. Think I have done way more tmi here!

Im way beyond yoghurt and cotton pants unfortunately. I have tried massive doses of pre and probiotics. Its body wide candida. Face, boobs, feet and in between. Least I think its candida. Perhaps its something else if its not really going away with all this stuff? That said, it does ease up when I attack with as many of the remedies together. I had a mammogram yesterday to rule out other causes of breast pain. Also found a lump that turns out to be a rib I never knew I had as it was covered in a layer of fat till now. :grin:
Rib,,,,,,you nutter.
Maybe food intolerance then or another fungus. Lay off mushrooms for a month. They can cause it for sure.
Food intolerance isn't a bad shout. If the avc doesn't work (I would give it at least a month) maybe look at quitting dairy or at least milk if you haven't already. Almond milk is a great substitute.
[quote="scubachick"]Thanks @nicky_94. My problem stems from bfing too. 4 years of bfing over last 8 years. We are just passing thrush over and back between me and kids now. Did you mean grapefruit seed extract? Tried drinking it, rubbing it on and putting it in the laundry with no results. Same with teatree oil and breadsoda. I also use really hot washes, regularly change tooth brushes and we all have our own towels. Is it the solid coconut oil? Not sure how that would rub into soft areas, do you melt it first?


Yes that must be what it's called in English, I drank it three times a day but it took about 6 weeks to clear up I think, and I used it for three months more to be sure the thrush was really gone.

Actually now I come to think of it I did use ACV in the washing machine at the same time as the grapefruit seed extract and coconut oil.

Re the coconut oil, if you leave it out it shouldn't be too solid at this time of year (mine is like a stiff cream), and if you scoop a bit out it softens in your hand, you could melt it first if you want but I try to apply it before it becomes liquid as otherwise it's really messy.

Other things I was advised to try - gentian violet which is supposed to be great but I couldn't find it in France, and fermented foods which are supposed to be better than prebiotics/probiotics, you could always try those if you haven't already?
I have tried the full candida diet, which is cutting out any sugar, yeast products (breads), mouldy cheeses, mushrooms and certain fruits. I was veggie at the time (only started eating meat last Sept), so this wasnt really sustainable for more than a week. Thats when I looked into the paleo diet and started back on meat, thinking my health would improve. So, my diet now is unprocessed fish, meat and fresh, usually raw, veg about 80% of the time, and fully on fast days (Hay, a girl gotta have chocolate and toast occasionally!).

I have had an epiphany! This particular bout of thrush comes about a week after I surcommed to temptation and went on a bread binge, so there could be something to the allergy theory. Reading back over my blog here shows that that bread feast affected my mentality as well. I was all negative and moody. Wow, bread is really not worth it.

Just had a quick google for info and one site says: Many treatments can reduce the amount of yeast in the body. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to eliminate Candida albicans permanently. No matter how successful a treatment may be, as soon as it is stopped, candida will return.

Much as I would like to think a shot of avc is the cure to everything, it looks like I just have to lay off processed white bread and crispy baguettes or else suffer. :frown: well, at least Ireland has some yummy yeast free soda bread as an alternative.
izzy wrote: Can't help re the candida, @Scubachick but grapeseed oil and grapefruit seed extract are different products. They might both be beneficial for candida, I don't know, but they are different, so if you haven't tried both, it might be worth considering :wink: Good luck.

Just checked the dictionary - it is grapefruit seed extract :)

Interesting re bread, I never did try the candida diet, I was vegetarian at the time and just couldn't imagine how it would work, I'm vegan now though so who knows, maybe that helped? I did used to eat a lot more processed foods, sweets, cheese etc.
@scubachick---I don't have this problem, but it just came up on another site. One person recommended Candida Support. She gets it through Amazon, orange container and says she has good results. To me it's hearsay, but I hope that helps.
Can only speak from my experience of all those creams and pills and no change: Something shifted in the thrush department when at least a year ago I began taking a good teaspoon of coconut oil every day in my bulletproof coffee, whipped up with frothed skimmed milk. Delicious and no candida since. Coincidence? Coconut oil has so many benefits and that is one of them listed on line.
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