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Eat Your Books
16 Jun 2014, 23:11
Hi all,

I don't know if people are aware of the Eat Your Books website ( It's an online searchable index to paper cookbooks — so you can search the content of your own cookbooks, using their search engine.

Their database lists a vast number of cookbooks (over 131,0000, including many of the 5:2 titles, but only around 4,900 of the cookbooks have been indexed (each recipe is entered by hand, so it's a slow process!)

I am one of their 'pro indexers' (I enter recipe details into their database), and their only 5:2 faster 'on staff' I suspect! I've recently indexed two of the 5:2 cookbooks, and I hope to add more in the near future, once I get my hands on copies of the books.

I've just indexed The Fast Diet Recipe Book by Mimi Spencer and Sarah Schenker, and The 5:2 Fasting Cookbook by Angela Dowden.

You can get a free membership, which allows you to add 5 cookbooks from your collection to your EYB Bookshelf, if you want to try it out.
Re: Eat Your Books
17 Jun 2014, 07:30
That's an interesting idea, I'll have to have a look, thanks.
Re: Eat Your Books
17 Jun 2014, 11:20
What a brilliant idea! I'm off to have a look!
Re: Eat Your Books
17 Jun 2014, 11:33
Brilliant idea, thanks for the info.
Re: Eat Your Books
18 Jun 2014, 14:00
Thank you so much @AussieNisi for the info on Eat Your Books. What a fantastic site! I have so many cookbooks and I drive myself CRAZY trying to find a recipe for a specific ingredient, pulling out and searching through all the book indexes or what is sometimes worse - trying to remember which book the recipe was in when I want to make something again :confused:
It is well worth paying for the yearly membership which is only about the cost of another cookbook.
There aren't many 5:2/fasting books indexed yet but thanks for working on that. :like:
Re: Eat Your Books
19 Jun 2014, 00:18
10 years ago OH and I were going to do just that online as a business project. Oh well.

I blame
lack of capital
pesty clients
did i mention kids
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