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Probs not what the foodie corner was about but what the heck...

I got this idea from a facebook post recenty

Whats the grossest thing you've eaten (maybe accidentally)

i was reading hungrygirl replies and its very gross indeed what people may eat

your list may include insects and if they do..

i did hear that the average human accidentally ingests a lot of insects in their lifetime ... -eat-bugs/

I do know in some countries, like the Phillipines, more recently they love insects and there is a thriving industry in catching and cooking up the critters

may i leave you this pic from this link ... s-good-you


this was a good doco
Good thread idea.
The worst, most grossest, yuckiest thing I've ever had was Monkey Brain soup! And yes it was just bits of brain floating around a bowl of warm water.
I was young and brave, but couldn't finish it. I still have nightmares :(
I have eaten a deep fried slug. I thought it was a burnt chip (french fry) in the bag of chips, but when it squished...........
I was eating a salad that suddenly tasted very bitter, It got so strong I had to see what I was chewing and it was a Beetle. Nice defensive feature, Beetles are off my list of comfort foods and I now look a little closer at a salad before diving in.
Thanks Juliana this is the perfect thread to put you off food whilst fastin! Urggh? A beetle? yuk. Hope it wasn't still alive

This particular fasting day is suddenly made much easier after looking on this page coz i feel so nauseated! :confused: xx
No wonder I'm not losing weight, it's all those bugs I'm accidentally eating :bugeyes:
when i started this thread i couldnt think of an experience of mine till i read some of the posts particularly that of @brougham
I was eating a lettuce with lettuce from my garden then tasted something weird. The lettuce was near a citrus tree that had a bit of a Stink bug plague.. well one must have landed on the lettuce and missed my washing of the lettuce.. yuk.. spat it out in time. phew
Some people pay good money to eat critters :bugeyes:
Gawd alive. Reminds me that I'm a celebrity get me out of here starts in December.
Carrots...yuk,yuk,yuk...just gross!
@wildmissus how are you? Hows the fasting/ shifts/ jobs?
Foods that nauseate ME totally but others think i' m mad are mayonnaise,vinegar,salad cream,and any kinda salad dressing except olive oil and lemon! X :lol:
I must have led a charmed life because I can't remember eating anything that bad ALTHOUGH I was dreaming last night and I chomped into a dead mouse - that was gross and woke me up very quickly! Probably best not to have an interpretation of that...............
Well @madcatladyyou ARE mad on maybe you were a cat in a previous life...and last night you dreamt about what you used to consider a tasty treat! :lol: x
I was actually in some sort of animal shed watching one of our cats chasing a mouse/rat <shudder>
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