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CandiceMarie wrote: Well @madcatladyyou ARE mad on maybe you were a cat in a previous life...and last night you dreamt about what you used to consider a tasty treat! :lol: x

This reminds me @madcatlady, have you read Jennie by Paul Gallico? I feel you must have, but if you haven't, you really must. It is the best cat story ever. Please tell me you've read it?
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Nothing like finding someone else's hair in your mouth while eating and having to pull it out slowly! Most of the food I eat has been prepared by my own fair hands so it's mainly gonna be my hair I find, but I'd be mortified if someone else found one of my hairs in something I gave them! How do they manage to fall straight off your head into whatever you're making without being noticed?
The Perfect Thread for a Fast Day. Keep them coming!

@CandiceMarie, I share your revulsion at mayonnaise and similar dressings. I've been that way since I was a kid, and it made school and camp excursions a nightmare, since the lunch was invariably sandwiches slathered with the stuff. Oddly, I don't mind the very light coating used on New England lobster rolls, probably because I had been eating them long before I learned that they were coated in mayo.

My only other weird food aversion is to jelly--in the American usage of the word, to mean the stuff you put on toast. It utterly grosses me out, even more than inhaling the occasional bug. I have had that reaction as long as I can remember. It makes selecting something from one of those boxes of fancy chocolates a mine field, and those Central European pastries like Linzer torte? No way!

Just thinking of jelly is enough to keep me from wanting breakfast, which is good as today is my first fast in a while.
@peebles glad i' m not alone! I dont think there are many of us around..i too have been revulsed by these things since very little friend used to chase me with a bottle of sauce!it wasnt her who prompted the revulsion tho..i was already that way from very very young :confused:
my niece is the same...its not just a dislike its an absolute disgust! People assume its just fussiness but it isnt. It makes life difficult as so many things are covered in various dressings/ sauces and its almost imposs to find a sandwich while out that doesnt have mayo on it x
Remember as a non olive lover, taking what I believed to be a black grape from my parents fridge! Was a black olive!! Really not bad I know!
This talk of eating bugs remind me of the Bear Grylls clip where he eats a grub & it bursts full of pus, that will stop me eating on fast day!
Bit off topic, can't think of gross stuff I've eaten, but this guy on a food doco downed a shot glass of a snakes beating heart in syrup of blood. My dad when he was alive, ate a garden snail, with salt, but he was drunk. so. All deliberate though.
Hubby is the same with mayo on sandwiches. The reason for mayo in cafeteria and pre packaged sandwiches isn't the flavour, its the cost. Mayonaise is already soft and spreadable (no cold butter) its thinner so it spreads easier and its cheaper than butter.
In a factory line situation a squeeze bottle of mayo zigzagged over lines of bread slices and then quickly spread with a knife is much faster than getting the butter to just the right temperature and laboriously doing one slice at a time.

My pet hate is celery, bleurgh stuff. I can detect it in the minutest quantities, even if the food I am eating has been put on a chopping board after celery has been chopped on it.
@Julieathome, That laziness factor also explains why so many expensive restaurants sauce their dishes with those loathsome squirt bottle zigzags of mayonnaise with herbs or spices added. I don't think the chefs of any of our local bistros that charge in the neighborhood of $30 for a plate (appetizers and sizes extra) even know how to make a real sauce any more, just reductions (throw in some wine, boil it down, and you're done) and the remoulades and the aioli (mayo in fancy dress.)
I ate a cigarette - not actually a food!
And yes I was drunk and someone dared me to do it.
I think eating a cigarette would make me sick, literally.
I ate half a moth caterpillar like thing in one half of a plum from my Victoria plum tree. I hadn't realised the tree had been colonised by the moth & after that didn't touch a plum unless I had already halved it cleaned & de-stoned it wearing washing up gloves!
@julieathome that makes total economic sense tho that reason never entered my head before!
Now i am madder than ever about the unavailability of mayo free sarnies
Yr hub can join me n @peebles " hold the mayo" club :lol:
I don't no, how these insects struck these people's mind to eat it, as when I see it its irritate me..yaak. :confused: .
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