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On another thread about healthy hair, nails and skin one of the things that are important are selenium levels and at 1917.0µg per 100g (2739% DV) Brazil nuts are definitely a super food

ideas for brazil nuts other than eating them straight.?
this looks good ... ars-575280
I love them so I just eat them as they are, but you can also turn them into brazil nut butter which is lovely and rich by blending them (soak first if your blender is not super high powered) or you can chop and sprinkle them onto salads or cerials. I also made a brazil nut pesto once, it was yummy, can't remember the exact recipe but it was basically ordinary pesto using brazil nuts instead of pine nuts.
Whole, covered in chocolate yum!
I eat my nuts with my lunch. I have a mixture. I eat them with grated carrot.
I used to love chocolate brazils but unfortunately I'm now slightly allergic :frown:
Itchy throat and tongue. Strangely I can eat all other nuts :confused:
Ooh, completely with you @Bobshouse!!

Num num & sooooo moreish........but since starting this WOL, I am trying to train myself that you don't have to eat a whole packet in one sitting.....hmmmm, really??!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
Somewhere in the back of my mind, not a safe place right now with next to nil sleep last night but that is another story. Anyway there is something about Brazil nuts where they need to be eaten sparingly but you can tuck into almond, macadamia and walnut. So while I have Brazil nutting in my pantry and love them I eat them sparingly
Probably one of the healthy things I do, but mine straight from bag to my mouth as they are.

I do love walnuts broken up with honey and garlic, I think its a European thing to do. Dad was Serbian and I got that idea from him.
I take 2 brazil nuts and 10 almonds to work every day for break so that I don't eat biscuits! I sometimes also have another portion in the evening. I just love nuts and could eat tons of them. Being vegetarian we often have nuts in our meals but I don't use brazil nuts because no body else likes them.
I read that you only need to eat 10 Brazil nuts each week to get the selenium your body needs. I eat many more than that, I love all nuts but not so keen on chestnuts.
coffeetime wrote: I read that you only need to eat 10 Brazil nuts each week to get the selenium your body needs. I eat many more than that, I love all nuts but not so keen on chestnuts.

I love chestnuts roasted

OH is candying chestnuts. and did a batch the other day

Maron Glaces

we end up with excess caramel which we warm and pour over vanilla icescream.
Bought some Brazil nuts on the weekend and i tell you what.. theres Brazil nuts and Brazil nuts. I must have previously consumed poor quality/old/rancid Brazils in some nut mixture. What i bought on the weekend is fresh, crunchy and really really moorish..

What a shame.. I thought i didnt like Brazil nuts .. it was only this forum that led me to rebuy and retry.. Was just from a normal Fruit and veg outfit so nothing special or expensive.

Anyway just goes to show not all Brazil nuts are the same
So far eating 2 or 3 a day, just fresh. With my new well organised pantry shelf. all 30 square metres of it (5 hours put in by OH for this task and i still find him looking to rearrange things. God love him! ) I know exactly where my Brazil nuts are

Gotta keep up the habit and it can only be a good thing. Mind you with calorie counting days I am mindful that 100g is 656 calories. So i guess i better only have 2 on a fast day (never 3).

per ... table.html

1 brazil nut is 5 grams.

so at 656 calories per 100grams.
10 grams or 2 nuts is 65.6 calories.

This recipe looks extraordinarily good. Takes 2 cups of brazils.

Those brazil nut cookies look grand, @Juliana.Rivers. I'm going to make some brazil nut butter tonight so while I've got the bag open, I might make those cookies as well - thanks for posting the recipe.
Chopped Brazils on natural live greek yogurt with flaked almonds is yummy :0)
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