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Rhubarb chutney
29 May 2014, 08:05
I have a stand of rhubarbs out in the back that hardly ever get used for anything. An occasional crumble (like every second year or something) and two weeks ago I did a pie with pie dough which turned out dry and sour like squiiiii.

Read somewhere about rhubarb chutney and I assume :grin: that many of you are heavily into chutneys I just have to ask - what is your favorite recipe? I mean, not the top secret or hand me down from great grandma, but a god solid one. Pretty pleassse? :smile:
Re: Rhubarb chutney
29 May 2014, 08:14
@wolfie I was lucky enough to get hold of Bergamot zest, but this one with oranges is pretty good ... e-chutney/

I left out the peppercorns. Rhubarb chutney needs to be left to mature for as long a time as it can.
Re: Rhubarb chutney
29 May 2014, 08:24
Thank you darling Penny - sounds interesting. Had to google demerara suger since I actually had no clue what it is. Well I do, it is what I use in cooking every day and call raw suger ;o
When it comes to foodstuff and recipes, sometimes it is hard to understand the meaning of words like - chuck... ;)
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