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Came across this article while having a browse this morning... ... way-to-eat
The comments cracked me up - seems like many of us enjoy a good old pick! I don't think I graze that much, although I am a bit too thorough with 'tasting' when I am cooking - given how much goes into my mouth before it gets to the plate, I really ought to halve the portion I put on my plate (which should probably be about half what I give my husband anyway)!

Anyway, some of my favourite 'illicit mouthfuls' are:
- Morsels of cheese waiting to be added to sauces/put on top of scones etc
- Anything to do with roast chicken - the crispy salty skin before we eat it, picking over the carcass afterwards, a cold chicken leg from the fridge (if any survive meal 1)
- spoonfuls of nutritional yeast, sometimes sprinkled with sea salt for an added savoury burst (yes sounds and looks weird, tastes amazing)
- slices of salami/chorizo from deli packets
- tortilla chips from the cheap own brand 40p packets. Try not to buy these as I can't stop once I start - probably the high salt content!
- a lump of white chocolate from my secret stash. I think white chocolate is probably my guiltiest pleasure - pure sugar and fat and barely even any cocoa solids to provide any of the health benefits of dark chocolate. Sometimes it tastes of chalk but, get a good one and it's pure creamy heaven. White chocolate Toblerone (the large one) is the pinnacle of white chocolate bliss for me, or Hotel Chocolat white choc.

It seems as though my grazing is mainly a savoury thing (apart from the white choc), although I'm fairly sure more of our little jar of nutella has exited via a spoon than a knife...

Does anyone else care to admit their own grazing treats? Come on, don't tell me you are all angels that never snack! It's not really even about snacking - a snack is too formal, too planned. This is just a little taste of what you fancy! What's yours?
Most of the snacky type grazing on nuts,crisps,crackers,popcorn..salty things are always very moreish aren't they! Thats not to say sweet stuff doesnt get a big look-in too..i like nibbling biccies with a cuppa and eating "silly sweets" like kids' penny things ..tho i' m glad to say i now seem to have a slightly less sweet tooth!
I can't say I nibble. i have a sweet tooth and once the chocolate or biscuits are open - that's it. I love jelly beans and gummi bears and I will finish one packet in no time without any problems. So if I buy a packet it will be eaten almost instantly as I walk out of the shops. It doesn't make it into my larder. that means I don't have much in the house to snack on in the evening. :oops:
I've been known to take to a jar of Nutella with a spoon :shock: although not for a long while I think. At the mo it's flapjack. Evil stuff I tell you.
Oh dear - where to start - in the past, pretty much anything in the kitchen has been fair game: supplies for hubs lunch box: crisps, mini-cheddars, cerealbars, cakes, pork pies, sausage rolls, fruit fools.........that's before we even get to the nutella jar, cereal, glace cherries (!) pretty much anything really!

Fortunately I am a reformed character most of the time but once an overeater always an overeater so I know I have to be careful!
Just remembered some roasted cashews with rosemary & sea salt I did for presents last Christmas - had to shovel them into the jars double quick so I didn't scoff them all.
And don't get me near a bowl of crisps at a buffet...
@greenmonster Rosemary and sea salt nuts sound amazing. I am pinching this idea for Chrimbo pressies. I did spiced, honey roasted last year so this will make a nice contrast.
Cheese these days a aldi harvati slice wrapped around a chunk of crisp celery or with a slice of Lebanese cucumber. If that is not enough the nuts in the cupboard usually a small handful of raw almonds. Salted peanuts some times hit the spot

Dark chocolate is a go too.
Used to graze on:-
cottage cheese
milo out of tin
fancy cereals with milk
tin of creamed corn warmed up
sausage rolls from local bakery
tea buns from local bakery
but stopped in past month or so. Must have had a 4:3 reawakening or something as I dont feel the craving anymore.. certainly not on a fast day and even on feast day not wanting to undo my good work from the day before.

Boring maybe but loving the scales.
Oh boy, this topic...

Now I'm of course trying not to graze, so if it must be, it's dried meat, frozen berries (pretty low cal and can keep your mounth occupied for quite long time), nuts, dark chocolate.

But I love all kinds of snacks: crisps, nuts, cookies, bisquits, pork rinds, dried fruit, candies (gummibears), ice cream, chocolate (I love Lindt Lindor and Reeses), salted caramel, Nutella... Oh... :)
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