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The idea that whole grains don't raise blood sugar as much as refined grains is another myth beloved by nutritionists. It hasn't held up to research. And years ago when it was discussed on the old diabetes newsgroup many people reported that the whole grains raised their blood sugar just as much as the refined ones. That was certainly my experience.

People who have normal insulin production will see a difference, because their insulin will mop up glucose from slower digesting carbs so they don't show up in the blood but people with diabetes no longer secrete much insulin or if they do, it isn't effective due to problems with the liver and muscles taking it up. So for them, it all boils down to total carbs, rather than what kind of carbs.

I personally like whole grains better than refined, much of the time, but I limit the portion sizes drastically, as I can't eat more than 1 slice of bread or 1/2 of a small potato without blood sugar problems. The amount of pasta that fits my metabolic ability to handle it is so small as to be not worth eating. So I don't eat it.
@CandiceMarie, yes, my doctor did vit D blood tests when I was having my heart problems which showed my vit D levels as low. The tests were done at the beginning of the year when I noticed that my mood was also quite low so I was wondering if I had a touch of SAD. Now that I know that I will start taking vit D supplements soon. I've had lots of sun over the summer but the benefit if that will be starting to wear off. Also with my new working hours (walking to work at 6:30am) I only get the opportunity to walk home in daylight.
I was found to be inadequate in vit D when I went to an endocrine clinic about my thyroid. I take a sublingual spray - I started with a high dose one and then moved to a 'normal' dose. I have stopped it over the summer but was thinking of starting again. I thought the consultant said that any excess would be excreted but last night they said overdose could cause kidney problems which is making me a bit cautious.
Having shifted from dark Northumberland winters to all year round sunny California, I can attest to the natural benefits of Vit D. I have not taken it in supplement form all summer but will start taking it again now that it's getting dark earlier and earlier here and I'm spending less time outdoors. However it has done nothing for my weight :lol: But yes I did notice their size when they all stood in line in that experiment.
Interestingly I work in the hottest part of Australia and and had my Vit. D level tested, and it was low!! Obviously I keep wrapped out from the sun and wear suntan lotion and so I am never exposed to it. Consequently I have had to take a vit D supplement!! Luckily it has now returned to normal.
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