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Heads up that there is a new series of the magazine programme "Trust me I'm a doctor" presented by Dr M and friends, starting tonight on BBC Two at 8pm

In the first episode, they will be discussing the evidence that eating saturated fats does NOT raise cholesterol
I will watch again. See if more info can penetrate my brain.
Maybe it will encourage a few more folk to give up the devil that is margarine and go back to good old fashioned butter. Mmmmmm butter....
Anybody remember the 'butter' thread from Summer 2013? #justsaying :victory:
Thanks, @carorees. I have it set to record. Perhaps I will get off the statins one day! :smile:
Thanks for the headsup Caro x
Olive spread I can tolerate but margarine is just WRONG WRONG WRONG
Extraordinary and exciting (in my view). According to the 2 videos on ... ginal-meal
letting a potato go cold can halve the calories! Letting pasta go cold is good, re-heating it is even better.
I hope a scientist somewhere is doing some more research. Like, is it the same if you re-heat in a microwave? Is re-heating potato the same as re-heating pasta?
Gosh, could the dieters of the 1950s who thought that toast had fewer calories than the same slice of bread untoasted even have been right??
Not sure about all of it - have to be honest, I struggled to stay interested. However I did enjoy the saturated fat article and her point about grass fed vs grain fed animals and the differences.
If anyone is interested, here is the list of grass fed butters in the US. ... lletproof/.
In the UK we have less choice than this, but the best one I have found is this one in Waitrose Pricey, but then again, we don't eat all that much - do we?? :shock: :shock: :shock:
@rawkaren, Kerrygold is also grass fed but much easier to get.

I also watched the programme last night and was curious about reheating pasta but also the article about Vit D which is something I have a problem with. I did note however that they didn't mention anything about the winter sun here in the UK, ie. that the sun isn't strong enough for us to make enough or any vit D as we are too far north in winter. I'll happily stick to my supplements as I'm not a fish person. The bit about fat was interesting especially when the guy gave coconut oil the thumbs down. Personally, I still come back to 'us' being the most obese 'we' have ever been whilst been told to eat low fat.
I caught a bit of this last night but I'm about to watch it on iplayer now, thanks for the reminder Caro :like:
Margarine is banned in this house, as are all ready meals and anything described as reduced or lower fat. Real food only here please (apart from Quorn, some naughty chocolate bars and a few tins of stuff LOL)

BTW Isn't plain old anchor butter grass fed? Remember the advert about the green, green grass or did I dream it?
Letting pasta sit in the fridge will make the carbs in it much more digestible, which will cause it to raise blood sugar much, much faster than just cooked hard pasta will . So it is definitely not healthier for anyone with elevated blood sugars--which includes a lot of people who don't realize they have elevated blood sugars.

Indeed, the whole idea that pasta is healthy grew out of the low fat madness of the 1980s. Before that we all knew that eating pasta was a great way to pack on weight. It's too concentrated a source of both calories and carbs.

Then the nutritionists started recommending it for diabetics, because it takes hours for the just cooked hard pastas to be digested. But what they forget is that while blood sugar doesn't rise in the hour or two after eating that pasta, it's a different story 4 or 5 hours latter when those carbs do digest and do raise blood sugar, often by a lot. And if you leave hard pasta in the fridge, it loses the properties that delay digestion and those 100 to 150 g of carbs hit all at once. Fresh pasta will always shoot blood sugar up fast, even when freshly cooked.
Thanks for that @peebles. I have often noticed exactly that. Do you think the whole whea, high fiber pastas have the same issue? I've had better luck with these, but I also eat less of then because they fill me up faster...
@wildmissus why dont you get yr gp to do a blood test for yr vit D?
I had no idea i was so low on Vit D til my gp did a vlood test that showed i was " massively" short of it ( i always stay out of the sun, i like the shade much better)
I was on enormous daily dose of vit D for a few weeks and now have to take one capsule once a month every month
I must say i dont feel any better for it but apparently it was very necessary
Maybe you the same? X hope job still going well x
I was surprised by the pasta results as I understood that resistant starch was present in potatoes and rice but had not heard of it in pasta and wheat. I didn't notice how long after eating the pasta-eating subjects were testing their blood glucose.

The vitamin D segment was interesting. Did you notice how the people with the lowest vitamin D status were the most overweight? That is because fat tissue stores vitamin D and makes it unavailable for the body, so vitamin D deficiency is more likely if you are overweight.

I thought that the saturated fat debate should have mentioned the role of carbohydrates in atherosclerosis. High fat + high carbs is a recipe for heart disease whereas high fat + low carbs is not. Very few studies have bothered to investigate the whole macronutrient composition of the subjects' diet, so the epidemiological studies showing a link between sat fat and heart disease get varied results because of differences in the carb content of the study subjects' diet. And there are, of course, many other factors that may or may not have been corrected for in the studies' analyses.
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