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Good morning!

It seems that the board is a little slow these days and I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining a new challenge, to have a place to set goals and check in. @fancyfinch had talked about doing one, but we seem to have lost her. (I hope everything is ok!) So, I'd be willing to run a new one.

I was thinking maybe it could be an Easter challenge, which would be especially good for me, since my birthday falls on Good Friday this year! I was thinking we could start around Feb 1, which would be 2 months until Easter or about 9 weeks.

For now, just let me know if you'd be interested. If enough people are, then I will go ahead and officially start it!
Sorry about that everyone! A lot of catastrophes happened one right after another: basement flooded, both of our vehicles stopped working and had to purchase new ones, my SO received a job offer and is going through a background check right now so we had to locate a bunch of papers, etc. It's been a busy few weeks! But, I'm alive! I'm still here! :bugeyes:

I have not been as focused on my weight loss during this time, so it jumped back up a bit (not a lot, but more than I'd like), and I'm trying to to bring it back in line now. I'm in for the next challenge! :like:

Thank you, @cblasz, for checking up on me, and for taking on hosting the next challenge!
Hey @fancyfinch! Welcome back. That IS a lot of stuff to have going on. When it rains, it pours, right? I'm glad though that for the most part you are ok!

At the moment the interest in the challenge seems low. We'll see if it picks up before Feb. If not, you might have seen that I started a post with my daily stats and comments on each day. You are more than welcome to join me in that. I'm finding it to be helpful at keeping me on track!

I'm sure you'll lose that extra weight in no time!
Yes , I still have weight to lose! I've been watching out for a challenge. Easter challenge is just what I need. I am window fasting every day now. But I thought I cannot do this straight onto Lent So soon I'll start eating more normally again and will be back for Lent, which will naturally end at Easter. Please, please do start a challenge. :smile:
The board is quieter than ever! I'm not sure there's enough interest to run a challenge. For those of you thinking about it, you don't necessarily have to have a goal you want to reach. You can just use it as a place to check in with your progress (or struggles) every week!
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