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This is a bit premature, but last week was a bad week and it happens that I didn't sign in here for the challenge, so I'm getting in early before I get too busy.

The first week I did the weekly challenge, the plan was to cut out alcohol on fast days, so 3 days a week. I never quite got that perfect, but I have only a tiny amount on fast days (a shot glass of wine - no idea why this is important to me), so it will do for now. I've kept that up even thought I've not specifically mentioned it in the weekly challenges.

The next time I did a weekly challenge, I added that I should only have one treat on non fast days. I wasn't doing terribly (sometimes I had two, but they tended to be rather small treats, and considering the binges I had been having, this was counted as success!), but then I forgot to join the weekly challenge last week and had a terrible day yesterday.

So... my challenges this week
1. no more than a shot glass of wine on fast days
2. no more than one sweet a day on non fast days
3. get to the gym at least once during the week, as well as exercising both days of the weekend.

edit to add: I'm going to stay away from weighing for awhile. If I don't like the number, I get too easily derailed. I had a gain recently, that I'm pretty sure was naproxen related water retention, but it still had me really down...
Thanks for getting us started, @MaryAnn! Those sound like great goals! Good luck!!

I did much better this week than last week! However, I did go a little overboard yesterday on my "free" day. So I'm not sure how it will reflect on the scale tomorrow am. But, I'm working to make better habits overall.

Here's my score card. My day is not over yet, but I'm going to go ahead and commit to getting my green tea and glass of water in this evening.

1) Limit sweets (especially during the week) - 5x
2) Green tea every evening - 6x
3) 15 minute walk every day - 4x (I actually swam for 45 minutes today, but I think that counts!)
4) Glass of water in AM - 7x
5) Stick to 7 or 8 hour eating window - 5x
6) Read for 15-20 minutes per day - 3x
7) Glass of water in PM - 5x

My goal was to meet each goal at least 5 days, so pretty good! I'm still struggling a bit with the walking, but some of that is due to the weather and the reading, which is just due to lack of time and being too tired.

I'm going to stick with these again this week and try not to go so crazy on my "day off!"
"Let me try again..."

Third week lucky I hope. Fingers and everything else crossed that there are no more stresses (for a while at least) like the ones I have had the last 2 weeks, and I can stick to the eating challenge I set 2 weeks ago, which is limiting the processed sweet foods (eg chocolate, cakes, biscuits) to an average of 200cal a day.

My non-eating personal challenges remain, and I have been doing okay on them, but I won't be bothering about the extra strength exercises this week, I will look to start those after our holiday (hopefully we head off for 3 weeks in a week).

Good luck everyone! :clover:
Hi all

I am going to set my challenge this week to walk to work on Wednesday. The weather will be good so there are no excuses - I just need to get up that little bit earlier. I am so not a morning person!!

Good luck to everyone else with your challenges.

@cblasz again well done on last week!!

@MaryAnn good luck with your goals this week - they sound manageable :cool:

My challenge this week is a mental one. I need to get to the bottom of this over eating issue.

@cblasz I have done all the calorie logging etc and I'm a bit sick of it. It doesn't have the same impact as it once did all those years ago when I lost 10kg. It worked awesome then.

I think it's an identity issue....

Good luck everyone!

Edit -I wrote this yesterday and didn't press submit.
I'm not sure I'm coping this week due to some huge upheavals at work impacting my future. I'm hoping to weather that and not give in too much to my indulgences, but I think I'll go easy on myself this week.
Oh @MaryAnn I hope that this week turns around for you -- and you as well @Wakki22

@Sassy1 -- that's my weakness too. I've been pretty decent about it *knock wood*. I like your idea about limiting the calories of sweets to a certain number a day.

@MerryMelb - I need to do better with walking too, especially now that the weather's improving.

@Cblasz - I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt they had a pretty good week last week. I finally broke through the plateau :-)

My goal -- keep on keeping on. I have a little under 6 weeks until my next trip to Paris, and I would very much like to lose 10 more pounds.
Never a more challenging week than this one! My work has undergone some restructuring.... so all up in the air right now about my future.... I still have a job, but what will it look like is another thing. :bugeyes:

But on a bright note, I did stick to my 3 days of fasting plus yesterday... so Mon, Wed, Thur & Fri!! YAY! :victory:
I didn't stick to the prescribed dinner of 500cal - so I guess my WOE is now some sort of eating window method as opposed to 5:2 or 4:3.... I'm not going to over think it

Saturday and Sunday are normal days. So pretty pleased with my fast week.

I admit I haven't had any time to browse the other threads this week. Hope you are all doing well with your fasts :lol:
Sorry to hear about the job situation @wakki22! Very impressive to sticking with your fast despite it though!

I've had kind of a weird week. It's that time of month, so that makes me very tired. And on Wednesday a student threw up in my room in the morning. It doesn't always bother me too much, but this time I did and I wasn't hungry for lunch or anything, but then I over did it in the evening, including eating a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints!

I've also been falling asleep on the couch every night, so I haven't been good with green tea or reading. Besides that though I've stuck to everything else.

Today I am off for a snow day and often I want to eat breakfast when I am off, but I'm going to do my best to stick to my eating window and NOT eat the other sleeve of Thin Mints!! :grin: I have plenty of work to do and stuff around the house to keep me occupied and I should be able to get in my green tea and my reading for the last 3 days of the week. The walk is going to be a little harder because it's going to be super cold this weekend, but I'm going to try (I'll go to the mall if I have to!)

I have to say tracking my challenges and posting them on here, really helps keep me from saying "WTH" and giving up!

Hope everyone else is doing well this week!
When you've eaten the right foods at the right amount within the right times but still increase to 81kgs.
Have a happy day folks :bugeyes: :geek: :doh: :grin:
I'm sorry to hear about your work stress, @wakki22.

Girl scout cookies have been my downfall this week, too, @cblasz That and the cold weather discouraging me from going to the gym or running outdoors. I'm going to try to make myself go today at the warmest point of the day - 31F. brrrr If I manage, I won't feel too bad about the week...
Hang in there, @azureblue! Sometimes it takes our bodies a little while to catch up with us!

@MaryAnn - I'm glad I'm not alone, with the girl scout cookies and the cold weather!

The cookies are now gone! (while it's good they are gone, it's not so good that I'm the one who ate them all!)

Here are my results from the week. I was very tired this week and fell asleep on the couch, so that negatively impacted my green tea and reading results. I did read for about an hour today though, so that makes up for it a little, I think!

1) Limit sweets (especially during the week) - 4x
2) Green tea every evening - 3x
3) 15 minute walk every day - 4x
4) Glass of water in AM - 6x
5) Stick to 7 or 8 hour eating window - 5x
6) Read for 15-20 minutes per day - 1x
7) Glass of water in PM - 5x

So, not too bad. We'll see how the scale looks tomorrow. I still ate too many sweets on the days I allowed them and I had that extra day. I'm going to try to do better next week. Trying to decide if I should add another goal!
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