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After a difficult week last week and 2 weeks away on holiday prior to that - when I ate more than I needed and too much less nutritious food - I do want to get back on track to the more healthy routine I had prior (partly thanks to the weekly challenges).

This week I am aiming to do a standard 5:2 week. As you may know, and as my signature indicates, I ideally only fast after a day of overindulgence. Well, that certainly applies to today's intended fast, but I am hoping the second fast for the week will not be after such a day - I want to see if I can manage to fast when I haven't over eaten. This is because I know I have put on a few pounds around the tummy and thighs over the 3 weeks (I can tell from how my clothes fit) and I am not feeling comfortable or liking what I see in the mirror.

I am hoping that just one week of standard 5:2 will help me feel a bit better, then I will resume what I hope will be sensible eating. I really don't like fasting anymore... Well, let's say, I don't like feeling really hungry if I know I won't be eating sometime soon.

Good luck and best wishes to all fellow challengers! :clover: :smile: :clover:
I know exactly how you feel @Sassy1. Although I tell everyone who wants to know how successful fasting has been, my pants are thighter and yesterday's shopping trip was disappointing after I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror. This morning I was 1.5 kg heavier than last week's weigh in so that's now 5kg above my preferred weight. I haven't been there for 1+ year and seriously wonder whether I've got the will power. I turned 50 last week so now is not the time to let the waistline expand! I had pasta tonight so yes, definite problem with lack of commitment to 5:2. Lots of post-birthday lunches this week so will try to decline the chips and be sensible.
Good morning! Well, the scale was not pretty today. I've been very lax lately. I'm going to try to be very good this week (eating windows, no sweets, etc.) which will bring me to my vacation week. I'm not going anywhere but will be off work and that ends in Easter. After that I'm going to shake things up!

@Sassy1 - thanks for starting us off and good luck with your challenge for the week! I hope it helps!

@Wmr309 - Happy 50th! My birthday was last week too and I have a post birthday dinner this week. I might have dessert if other people are! But that's my one day for sweets.

Good luck!

P.S. after Easter, in addition to weekly challenges I'm thinking of starting a "traditional" long range challenge, if anyone is interested!
How's everyone doing this week? I've been ok. It is the last week of school before vacation and I'm worn out! I'm very much looking forward to the week off to relax and catch up on things. I'll probably get a lot of exercise in, but I don't know how good I'll be with my eating. At the end of the week though, I'll be stocking up on healthy foods to get ready for really getting on track the following week!!
I was not able to keep the cals very low on the intended fast days. Both days ended up as light days. As I have mentioned elsewhere, although I can sometimes manage to last until dinner time without eating, my hunger is just not satisfied with only 500 cal and I don't have enough motivation/drive (??) to resist eating some more.

But I have managed to keep the eating under control on other days, and that is the most important thing,
Hi Sassy! Sounds like you did ok. I think the fasting is the most important part and keeping the calories "light" is still good. Unfortunately, I think our bodies fight us and want us to eat more!!
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