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I decided to fire up the weekly challenge again in case anyone wants to join me. I'm doing ok with the June Solstice challenge, but I've been slipping in the "sweets" dept. Not only does it break my sweets rule, but I'm sure it puts my carbs over 100g!!!

So, my challenge for next week is to not eat ANY sweets during the week, ESPECIALLY candy! My principal/boss keeps candy in her office all the time. For most of the year I have resisted, but I've slid backwards recently with the craziness of the end of the school year. But, I'm going to recommit for next week!

Do you have something specific you want to work on next week?
I will join you with the same challenge - no chocolates or lollies for a week.
Sounds good @Sassy1! Good luck!
I broke my challenge a little, but I worked a long day yesterday, as I ran the National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony last night. There was food, but mostly dessert, so I had a small brownie. But I still haven't had any candy!
Having a small brownie doesn't sound too bad, @cblasz, especially given the day you had had.

I am trying to use my day yesterday as my excuse for a much bigger break (from both the challenges)...! (I had been going okay for the first part of the week.) I did do a long hilly walk with a friend in the morning, about 20km taking over 4 hours. I was okay that we had a scone and jam as part of our brunch, and I got through the evening okay... But then I couldn't get to sleep and ended up having a midnight feast. Found one piece of chocolate and would have liked more but there was no more so ended up eating all sorts of assorted sweet and savoury foods, I tried to tell myself that my body was needing replenishing after the walk. Hmm, not sure about that.

Will try to get back on track today...
Hi Sassy! It may be that you did need replenishing after the walk. Maybe you didn't eat enough protein for dinner? That is definitely a long walk!! Hopefully it counteracted the extra eating. Good luck getting back on track today! I did much better yesterday having had a more normal day!
Plenty of protein consumed at dinner time via chicken, cottage cheese and cheese!

Have managed better today... So far...!!
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