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Hi All fellow fasters!

Last week I dealt with my work upheaval (aka life challenge) - the fasts went well considering, but the weekend bingeing took its toll and I'm here on a Monday at home sick having had a morning fever. I'm fasting - which is very different to being at work fasting. I heard that if you have a virus you should starve it. So that works out well I guess.

New week, new goals! I'm committing to no alcohol for this week. This is usually my downfall in the eating department.
Its a tough one - but someone has to do it.

How are you all with your challenges?
Feel better wakki!

I paid the price for the girl scout cookies on the scale. I'm up 7/10ths of a pound. I'm hoping it's temporary.

This week is going to be weird, because we have a blizzard coming tomorrow and I will definitely have a snow day tomorrow and possibly Weds. as well. So I'm going to stick with my current goals for now. I am going to need to step them up soon, if I'm going to actually lose this weight!
@cblasz I'm up too on my scale.... I was almost there....threw it all away.

I'm adding that I'm doing 4 fasting windows this week. Fast from dinner to dinner time.
Wakki22 - that seems like a lot, are you sure that's a good idea?
cblasz - It gives me a weird sense of control over my life that I currently lack regarding my work.... so much in the air, dunno what they will do with us, where they'll put me and my colleagues. :bugeyes:
Also, I feel doubly guilty for overeating on the weekend, and especially when I had cracked through the ceiling of 60kg to get to 59.7 and now I'm back on 61.5kg AAAARRRRRGgggghhhhh!
I'm very proud of myself, because I've been home for 2 days because of snow and I managed to stick to my eating window both days. Normally, I would cave and eat breakfast. So this bodes well for my April vacation and more importantly summer vacation!
Good luck gals for your challenge this week. No one else joining you??

As hoped, I am now on holiday :cool: , so no fasting or other particular food restrictions, though I will try to limit the overindulging. Last week I didn't really stick to my eating challenges either...

Best wishes! :smile: :clover:
Enjoy your holiday Sassy! You can get back to your challenges when you get back!
Hi! I'm having my 7-month smoke off challenge! I'm not sure if I am free of my addiction but I fight every weekend (especially when partying).. and I avoid alcohol - I don't like the taste...
Hello all

This is my first post and my first fasting day.

I've already made a "mistake". I usually drink organic ACV in the morning with a little honey and water. I mixed it up and downed it before I realized -- NO CARBS! So there goes 60 g of pure sugar into my bloodstream. :curse:

I'm going to continue on fasting as planned, but I think this has kind of defeated the purpose of fasting today.

Is this day a complete loss? Looking for a little advice.

I think that amount of sugar first thing in the morning is going to make you impossibly hungry as soon as your blood sugar drops >.< That's what? Half of your fast day calories right there? I think you're in for a rough day, my friend. But you can still do it.

Hi @ragsmorerags and welcome!

Don't give up on the day. Drink lots of unsweetened drinks during the day and have lots of low carb salad/veggies with a small amount of protein for dinner.

I don't even know what organic ACV is but it seems like a lot of cals for a drink (due to the honey I guess?). I hope you don't mind me saying that generally it is better to eat your calories than drink them!

Tell us more about yourself and your eating challenges, and do read the website LEARN pages and forum topics, and post frequently! Lots of support and ideas here.

Good luck and best wishes, :clover: :smile:
Well, I have not had a stellar week with my challenges. Here are my stats (assuming I get my water and green tea and reading in today!):
1) Limit sweets (especially during the week) - 2x
2) Green tea every evening - 5x
3) 15 minute walk every day - 2x
4) Glass of water in AM - 7x
5) Stick to 7 or 8 hour eating window - 5x
6) Read for 15-20 minutes per day - 4x
7) Glass of water in PM - 4x

Also, yesterday I took my niece and nephew indoor rock climbing and I tried it too. It was much harder for me than them, but I did ok! My niece took a picture of me from the ground and it is terribly unflattering. It was a harsh reminder of how much weight I really need to lose. So I need to get step it up and start working at this harder!
Dear @cblasz

Don't be too hard on yourself, you have done okay! The water in the morning, eating window, and green tea are all good. And those are all important achievements. Tho as for the sweets......! What are your weaknesses (was it the Girl Guide cookies, or was that someone else??). I have a lot of sympathy for you there; as you know, that is my weakness too...

Good for you with the rock climbing! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and were pleased with what you managed.

Best wishes for the week ahead, :clover:
Hi Sassy, Thanks for the encouragement! It was due to having an unstructured week really. The snow days and then on Thursday I went to a conference, where there was a cookie with lunch. Then once I ate a "sweet" I figured I'd ruined the day so I might as well eat another one! This week should be normal and I should do much better!
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